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~~Mÿ ߣØØÐ ßøïl§~~

I try to be nice...

But whats stopping me?

They captured it. All of it.

Even the last drop of sweetness.

Now anger ~dwells~ in me.

Appearing red on the surface,

Black in my heart.


What should I do?

Hide in gloomy places,

To escape them?

Their taunts, their laughter?

As well as piercing tears...

Which trickle on my tanned surface.


Where should I go?

My temper, revealed,

Through the simplest actions,

Now exposed to reality.

I cry, Yearning for my bed.

Which once had secured,

And embraced me.

There I shall lie....

Away....away from it all..


- - --^R€ß߀££ÏØN^-- - -

Seated among strangers

A feeling of rebellion,

surrounds me.

My attempts of repelling failed.

O how I wish I'd vanish

Like water to vapour

with my sorrow, gatherings,

forming grey clouds.


Lighting escapes

with an echo of thunder•·.·´¯`·.·•

which resembles that urge,

that urge to scream my last scream.

To permit the world,

the universe, of knowledge....

Of that anger

that anger which haunts my heart.


The flaming lava

Trickles along the mounts

Of my heart

Heating up the tiny tunnels

Running like nose bleed,

towards its brain,

like a serpent's deadly eyes

Its staringly pierces, through the enemy.




© 2002 Gitanjali Khushalani