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I have quite a few of my poems on this page, but I'm getting some more up soon. We got a new computer and the floppy I saved them on won't anyways, I hope you enjoy them. These poems are copyright ME, which means it's against the law to steal them and claim them as your own. Enjoy!

you always know whats in my thoughts, although you never knew
that deep inside my beating heart, are memories of you
you always know what to say, to bring me back to me feet
you never knew that with every word, my heart would skip a beat
i think you know, that i love you, you just don't want to say
but you never knew that thoughts of you, always seem to get away

Today An Angel Fell From Grace

Today an angel fell from grace,
Got lost upon the way,
Her Broken wings denied her flight,
And led her mind astray…

Today and angel fell from grace,
And no one even knew,
‘So called’ forgiving saints,
Dismissed her as untrue…

Today and angel fell from grace,
And now she sits and cries,
Pearly tears reflect her pain,
And flood from pale grey eyes..

Today an angel fell from grace,
Her pale skin a darkened shade
Her bent wings smolder gently,
As her hope begins to fade..

Today an angel fell from grace,
Got lost upon the way,
Her Broken wings denied her flight,
And led her mind astray…

Scarred Soul

Laying on the cold concrete floor
Bleeding a stream of endless tears
Wondering if this pain will ever stop
I’m facing all of my fears

A crimson puddle is growing around
My lifeless body
I wonder if you can hear me screaming
Wonder is there anybody?

My screams peirce the deadly silence
That your words left behind
How could you do this?
How could I have been so blind?

Crying, screaming
Dying, bleeding
Nothing’s real
Nothing I feel

I picked up the knife, the slim blade
Stabbing my worthless skin
My scarred soul
This hellish body I’m trapped in

See what you’ve done?
Your words are stabbing my heart
As I pull the trigger
There goes our new start

Dear Daddy,
I hope you hear my prayer
I don’t know what’s going on
And I’m getting really scared

Dear Daddy,
I see a lot of flashing lights
The sirens are getting louder, Daddy
Will Mommy be all right?

Dear Daddy,
I can barely open my eyes
I’m lying in a red puddle around me
Daddy, am I going to die?

Dear Daddy,
Please let me be all right
I’m only seven, Daddy
I want to live my life

Dear Daddy,
Is my mom still in the car?
Daddy, I’m so afraid
Is heaven very far?

Dear Daddy,
You’re everything, I know
Please make room for me in heaven
Daddy, I’m coming home…

I Miss

I miss you being here by my side
I miss taking our long walks
I miss the way we used to laugh
And the way we used to talk

I miss the way we could fight
And the next day it would all be OK
The way we could talk on the phone for hours
And never run out of things to say

I miss the way you understood
The things that are going on
And the way you calmed me down
When I wanted life to be done

I miss your smile, your laugh
Your cute puppy dog pout
The way your face got red
When you finally asked me out

What I miss the most
Is the way you kissed me
The way you held me tight
And the way you let me breathe

I miss the way you loved me
The way you were always there
The way you’d look at me
And run your fingers through my hair

I miss the way you missed me
When we were apart
And when we were together
You stole away my heart


Someday I won’t feel like this
Someday I’ll find someone new
Someday it won’t hurt this much
And I won’t even be missing you
Someday I’ll be OK
I know one day I’ll be all right
I won’t be wishing for you back
Or crying myself to sleep at night
One day I won’t want to die
The pain won’t feel so deep
One day I’ll find a guy
Whose promises he will keep
This I keep telling myself
I’m trying so hard to be tough
But when I look in your eyes I know
Someday just isn’t soon enough…

This dream so dark and tasteless,
I find myself alone.
I'm bitter and I'm hostile,
I wish that I was home
The breaths are coming slowly,
I'm wincing here in pain
My teardrops echo on the ground.
I'll never be the same.
I'm shivering, though the air's not cold.
It's a reflex I suppose.
I doubt that people miss me...
No one cares and no one knows.
"They're not the ones that matter, though"
With my own strength I'll battle out,
And leave this hell behind.

Given Up
She knows everything in this portal of hell,
It lives within her heart so she knows it so well.
She knows every pain ever felt in this place,
She acts so brave, you can't see the fear on her face.
The pain she feels jus won’t subside,
But now she’s givin up, waiting to die...
She wants to lay down and fall on the floor,
Bleed to death, she doesn’t want your help,
You weren’t there before...

Take Away the Pain
He sits alone as he tries to find
The meaning of the life he’s left behind
All of the emotions that are in the past
He had to end the couldn’t last
He picked up the bottle and twisted the cap
Taking the pain away slowly...dropping to his lap
Finally...this is it...almost the end
A dying life with a heart left to mend
He wished she knew how he felt for her still
As he struggled for his last few words..."I love you,
and always will..."

I Cry
I cry because I want you,
I want to be with you.
You may not remember,
But you used to want me too.
I cry because you don't need me,
I'm only needing you.
You told me you loved me,
And I thought it was true.
I cry because I think about you,
I can't get you out of my head.
I think about the things we did,
And everything you said.
I cry because I dream about you,
Almost every single night.
You may think I'm crazy,
I think you may be right.
I cry because I remember you,
And the times we used to share.
The times we used to talk,
The times you used to care. I cry because I miss you,
Everything about you I miss.
I cherished every hug,
But most of all I miss your kiss.
I cry because I wonder,
About you and I.
When I think about us,
Tears fill my eyes.
I cry because I'm sorry,
For anything I've done.
I thought we'd be together,
I thought you were the one.
I cry because I can't have you,
You'll find someone new.
But I will never fall in love,
With anyone but you.
Just know that I love you,
As day by day goes by.
And every time I think of you,
I'll still begin to cry

I'm Flying
I’m flying, mother
All through the sky
There are clouds, mother, clouds of gray and white
They are soft, like skin and lip and tenderness
There are stars, mother
They shimmer softly, flickering sleepily,
But they never sleep, they never awaken,
They dream…
There is sun, mother
Light that warms my arms and shoulders and heart…
There are birds, mother
Their eyes are rimmed in white
Their wing tips embossed in silver, their language a syrupy coo.
I see the moon, mother
It comes ever closer, shining gently,
Singing softly…
There is you, mother
Clear pearls of water run from your somber eyes.
Why do you suffer?
I am happy, mother
I’m laughing

I'm Not Missing Him Anymore
I listen to his painful words
As tears stream down my face
And then he turns his back
I watch him slowly walk away
He turns and looks back at me
With those big blue eyes…
And I miss him

Two days later,
I haven’t been able to sleep
I can’t eat or speak
And it hurts to even breathe
I pray to God that
This will soon be over…
And I miss him

Now a week has gone by
We talked today at school
I just wanted to curl up and die
But I acted like everything was cool
I don’t think that I
Can go on much longer…
And I miss him

A whole month has passed by
He’s holding someone else
But as our eyes lock across the room
I can tell he’s really by himself
He quickly turns his eyes back on her
A tear falls down my cheek…
And I miss him

Two more months pass,
And now we’re good friends
I smile and pretend everything’s OK
That I’ve gotten over him
I can’t let him know
That I still cry myself to sleep…
And that I still miss him

Tonight I’m laying in my bed
My heart is painfully numb
I can’t go on without him
So I slowly lift the gun
I pull the trigger
BANG, I close my eyes, it’s over…
And I’m not missing him anymore

Nothing Girl
Nothing Girl She stands in front of the mirror
Tears stream down her face
Staring at her reflection
Glaring back at it with hate
She’ll never be the person she wants to be
Or good enough for anyone else
But she doesn’t know how much they care about her
They had no idea how she felt
Walking around, wearing a grin
Pretending she didn’t hate the world
All she is and she’ll ever be
Is another nothing girl
Nobody could ever guess
Who she really was inside
Betrayed, tormented, abandoned
Living in one big lie
They all see her just
Grinning and chatting away
And assume she’s just a bit moody
Just a little bit angry some days
She thinks they just don’t understand
When they tell her to cheer up
She’s tried so many times
And now feels ready to give up
“God help me, save me from myself
“I don’t wanna die, Lord
“But everything’s going wrong
“I don’t know what I’m living for”
A bottle out of the cabinet
The answer to all of her problems
She takes a few pills
A deep breath and downs all of them
One final prayer, it’s now or never
“Lord, heal me or take me”
“I can’t stand this world any more”
Suddenly, she had a change of heart
She looked into the heavens with tears in her eyes
“I’m so sorry, God, please save me
“There’s so much for me to live for
“My family, my friends, my future
“Why didn’t I realize this before?”
These words were spoken before the room began to swirl
These were the last words
Of that sad, lonely, nothing girl