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About Me

"For a complicated girl, she ain't that hard to figure out!"

name: Jade
nickers: jizzade, jazzie
current location: the middle of nowhere
current age: 14
romantic status: alone again...
for fun: i like to shop, run, play the piano, hang out with friends, and be with my family.
choice of music: COUNTRY!...some pop. rock, and light punk.
job: none
quote to live by: "sometimes you have to stand alone, just to make sure you still can."

goals: i...don't have any. lmao.

i like...: country music, playing piano, writing poetry, summer, walking out of the mall with tons of bags in my hands :), quotes, making lists, compliments, that 70's show, college hoodies, abercrombie, hollister, guys, brown sugar tanning lotion, sleeping, chick-flicks, going to the movies, animated icons, hoop earrings, the Lady and the Tramp

i dislike...: being sworn at, being mean to people, getting burnt, guys, rude people, when people misspell the word you're (if you can't use contractions properly, don't use them at all!), action movies, cheating

in my bag: 5 kinds of mascara, three kinds of eye shadow, 4 kinds of lip get the picture. lol.. my cell phone, a pen, extra earrings, tanning lotion, tanning goggles, my digital camera, extra cash

My blurties: