passion for you

Cold, icy wind
Cutting at my face
Running through the dark
Through winters cold embrace
Hair flying, tears drying
Feeling solace in the air
Dive onto the ground
Crying into the sky
How did this happen to me?
How come I couldnít see?
What reasons could you have,
For putting me through this misery?
What didnít I do for you
What did I put YOU through?!
What did I do so wrong
That she did right for you?
I get back up
And run again
To a further, darker place
Running through the trees, bushes and leaves
Tearing off my clothes
The searing, slashing pain I feel
Helps to ease my pain
Again I fall, an anguished scream
Escapes through trembling lips
To my right, a raging river
Through tears I run to the edge
Follow the bank for a while
And then, abruptly it ends.
At the end is a beautiful waterfall
Looking down itís a dazzling blue
Then moon is reflected so passionately
Thereís a beauty here I never knew
My heart wells up with fear
I tremble as I hold back tears
I know what I must do
Never again restrained by you.
I dive to soar into
The crashing waves below.
Iím finally free of all my pain
And glad the last thing I knew
Was the beauty of
The endless, and passionate blue.