Love's not worth it

Grabbed my wrists
I didnít cry
Touched my leg
My inner thigh
I donít know why I didnít do
What my mind was telling me to
Grabbed my breast
Ripped my shirt
Covered my mouth
So hard it hurt
So many things I could have done
I shouldíve screamed
I should have run

Left today with the scars of the past
The pain from the memory that only lasts
I canít believe the things you said
How you got in my head
You cut me deeper then any knife
You stole my soul
My entire life
You tore me down
Every night
Told me that I wasnít worth your time
You said I was nothing, less then a whore
You told me I deserved everything you had in store

Even then I loved you still
Told you that I always will
Five years later, now I see
You are the one
That wasnít worth me.