Another Life

One more person, one more pain
One more minute, I wonít get back again

I feel myself detaching,
My heart is turning cold.
Every time I talk to you,
I lose more and more of my soul.

I still feel the heat of anger
But I no longer care or love
Another man, another night
It will never be anything more.

I thought I cared about myself,
I thought I cared for you.
I never thought that you could cause
The pain Iím going through.

I gave up on the thought of love
I gave up on my life
I gave up wanting anything more,
Then the death that will end my strife.

I wish the pain was over
I wish that I could die
I wish that I could find a way
That my life made me feel alive
My heart feels heavy, my mind feels numb
My soul prepares, for the pain to come
For another man, another night
Another woman, a separate life.