Don't cry

A lonely tear rolls down my cheek
As I tremble and attempt to speak
Why didnít you love me?
Why didnít you care?
What didnít I do, I was always there.
You never gave me anything
I never once complained
Not even when you asked me for money
To buy something for your friends.
I gave you my heart
And I gave you my all
Then when people used me
You said it was my fault.
You sent me to the brink of life
You pushed me to my knees.
You told me it was my problem
That I could not succeed
You told me, please donít cry,
You arenít worth the tears
There are people that deserve to cry
Donít cry, wait till I leave.
Donít cut yourself, I donít feel bad
Donít do it while Iím here
Yea I know you deserve to die
Just stop trying to keep me from leaving
Now Iím leaving, donít touch me
Youíre a disgrace to this world
If you loved me, then you would let go.