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A Life In The Day

What did I eat for breakfast?
Did I kiss the wife and kids?
Silly things to be thinking
At a time like this.

Did I fix that leaky faucet
Like I promised that I would?
As they slept, I whispered I loved them.
I wonder if they heard.

You see, my name is Chris. And I do this everyday.
But this would be the one where I wouldn't walk away.
As I rushed into the building, a thousand voices cried.
The whole world now is weeping for those of us who died.

As I held the hand of my friend, my brothers at my side,
We all knew we were dying 
but our hearts were filled with pride.
I watch over you from heaven now,
An angel by your side.

I've heard them call us heroes, but we're only men
And it's our choice to do this, time and time again.
We don't do this for glory, for banners or parades.
We do it because we're firemen, 24 hours a day.

So if it's heroes that you're looking for,
You're looking the wrong way.
Just watch the ones we've left behind
Trying to make it through each day.

Goodbye, my name is Chris.

Written by
 Bettina Franciosi

Used with permission
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In honor and memory
of Fireman Chris Blackwell
who lost his life September 11, 2001
at the World Trade Center.

"This poem goes out to all the families
who are living every day in tribute
 to those they have lost."
Bettina Franciosi 

My Heartfelt Thanks to Bettina !!!

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God Bless!

~Made with Love~




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