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Legend of the Christmas Candle

[Candle] Pennsylvania Dutch
The legend of the Christmas Candle tells that it will be instrumental
in ensuring good luck, good health, and happiness during the year
if burnt on Christmas Day. When it is lighted, it must be burned until
it flickers out (this takes 6 to 8 hours), and once lighted,
it must be allowed to burn to the end without being extinguished.

When the Pennsylvania Dutch families burned a Christmas Candle,
it was one given to them by a friend or family member - never one
bought by the family lighting and burning it. The following is the
verse included with the candle as a gift . . .

"Always burn a candle on Christmas Day. When it is given with love,
it will burn bright and clear, and the holiday light shed by the candle
foretells happiness lasting all through the year."


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