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What a sad and lonely world this would be, if we didn't have our family pets. I know I would be lost without mine. They are such good company. I have a cat named Hydra (sometimes, Queenie, as she can get quite the cattitude!). She is a very affectionate animal. The closer she is to me, the happier she is. She is approximatley 8 years old, so she has slowed down some. However, she is very friendly with people of all ages. She likes to sit on a step stool in front of Noahs cage and just watch him as he chatters away.
Noah is my cockatiel. I have had him since he was just a tiny baby. He is now going on 13 years old. He was a Christmas present from my son.
Noah loves to whistle, especially "Jingle Bells"... and the "Wolf Whistle". :) He also talks. He is always calling himself "pretty Noah", and "hello". He says several things...and thank goodness they are all "nice" things. :)
While my son is in the process of changing jobs and moving, I am "Kitty Sitting" for his cat, "Bear". Now Bear, is another story altogether. Bear is going on four years old but still acts like a little kitten. Full of energy! He thinks he is human ( or dog) and rules the world. ( at least THIS house!) He "sits", "speaks" and "fetches"...just like a dog! He even "growled" the other night when a neighbor knocked on my door! He is a BIG cat! (18 pounds of solid muscle!) He prefers his water straight from the tap. He loves to sleep in the sink, and he lies in wait to pounce at Hydra. It took the two cats about 2 weeks to finally adjust to one another..but they finally did! For the most part, they have become "Best Buds", however, Bear still likes to torment her now and then. I know they will miss each other when Bear has to go home to his daddy. If Bear can think of something unusual to try, he will. (like opening doors!) This album just wouldn't be complete without the family pets. They warm you when you're cold, and snuggle when you are lonely. They also bring hours of laughter, as they are always up to something they shouldn't be. Definitely child-like. :) Just click on the photos for a full size view.

Nap time for Hydra
(she's really camera shy)

I'm so full,
I could just burst!

For an old man, I think
I look pretty good!

Bear, pretending to be
innocent, but waiting to
make his move on Hydra.

Noah showing off his tail.

Hydra playing with her
catnip toy.

Hydra exposing herself to Bear!
What a TEASE!

A little "blurry",
but he is so alert!

Such a hard day at the office!!
Now this is a typical acting Bear!

Just another Lazy Day!

Bear, getting ready
to go after Hydra. :)

Bear knows I hide the treats
( and Hydra's toys) in the drawer, so he's trying
to help himself.

Hydra wanting me to open the blinds,
so she can see outside.

Bear thinks we can't see him,
so he's getting ready for his
"Sneak Attack".

Yep, Hydra sleeping AGAIN!
This is why Bear likes to torment her.

Bear finally gave up chasing Hydra.
Isn't it cute how he crosses
his paws while in the recliner with his dad?