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You blame me for all the wrong reasons
I'm so lost in despite of your treason

[verse 1]
I needed to set things straight with you
'Cause it was the only thing left for me to do
I can never forget the days you put me through
Yet I still remember you broke my heart in two
Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get through this
Hoping that everything is going to be alright
Sometimes I wonder if things will ever change
Here I am praying that you're still on my side

I never meant to be so cold...

If I could ever change my ways
I would take all the pain away
I wish there was something for me to say
I can't think how much I love you today

[verse 2]
I tried my best to keep up with you
Still things weren't going the way they're supposed to be
I don't know where we'll go from here
Seems like I have to face my darkest fears
I'm hoping someday things will turn out right
I gave you everything I had and I'm not alright
After all these years I've never felt so down
You broke me to pieces and I've fallen to the ground

[pre-chorus 2]
I'll never make the same mistakes again...


[ verse 1 ]
I lie here on the floor
Can't reach for that door
All this pain I adore
I only needed more

[ verse 2 ]
I've been lying here all night
Waiting for what's next to come in sight
I know, this doesn't feel so right
I won't give up anything without a fight

[ chorus ]
Bloodline - How did I end up this way?
I'm slowly drowning in a pool of shame
All this time I thought it was just a game
Am I really the one to take the blame?
Things like this just wasn't the same

[ chorus 2 ]
Bloodline - Will you affect my life again?
This wasn't like anything what I've planned
Wish there was someone who gave me an extra hand
Tried my hardest but still I could not stand
I hope you've done all that you can

[ verse 3 ]
I'm growing weak and tired
These days are fading into history
My level of frustration rises higher
This surely brings back memories

[ outro ]
I'm alone in this dark empty room
And screaming for something new