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A Butterfly's Dance

This site is about my journey of healing. In it I will share the story and the poetry about my life. Heres a look into my World..... I Wanted To Scream Help Me! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The lacy yellow curtains rustle and sway in the bright afternoon breeze. I look up from my pink tea set to a rapid knock on my hollow brown door. A second later it swings slowly open to reveal a tall pale figure of a man. He advances toward me quickly, leaving the door open just a hairline of a crack. Chills creep through my small form as he sinks into the warm folds of my low bed, drawing me to his lean body. His breathing is heavy and I can smell his strong manly odor. As he speaks I look away and try to concentrate on the wave my carpet makes when one shuffles their socks over it. For a moment I forget that I am a helpless victim in his arms. That I am a child of four bound to silence through this painful time. I whimper as he moves away my small dress. Tears form in my blue eyes I fear may be so much like his own. He has touched the forbidden and has known one to young to understand....


My Diary