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Relax and enjoy my site. While reading, you may run across my mention of "Goddess" rather than the socially accepted "God." Do not let that concern you. All is One--It has no sex, but we perceive It as one or the other according to our whims of consciousness. Remember that any names we call the Divine refer to the same Oneness; we see the Divine in our own way. Whether we call It God or Goddess, Great Spirit, Allah, or Ra, whatever name we chose describes only how we perceive the Great Oneness to be.
Let not our differences of names for the Divine divide us...
for we are all Its Divine Children ~~

My site will, I believe, offer you a way to see things in a new way. Please allow the poetry to stir your heart; allow the photos to share nature's beauty; and allow the essays and stories to make you think!
Life is not all we think it is, nor is everything we believe a firm reality: we are in the outer limits of the mind, the twilight zone of belief. Humanity cannot progress if we, as a group, never change our perspectives.
The key?
Pure thought.
Think about it...