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Women's Festival Photos, Page 8

Pi was the last singer; Babylon Moods came next. In real time, I can't remember who came last... I do remember that every singer/musical group I heard was very good to great and every poet had something interesting to say. Apologies to Ann Lippert (comedienne) -- she was in the audience most of the time but I forgot to photograph her act. She was so funny, I got distracted from taking photos. All I have is her back to the camera (sorry Ann--nice hair, tho). She's the blonde listening to Grand Slamminatrix Mindy. Well, I'm not a professional photog...


I remember I liked her and thought it was too bad her audience was so little (less than the other singer). Very soulful, good guitar work.

on to Da Ladies

Babyloon Moods getting ready to go on.

more Babylon Moods

A group pose.