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Women's Festival Photos, Page 5

We had the most people come from the time it started (3PM) to just before sunset. The turn out was very good, considering all the other stuff going on that day in Long Beach. It was coincidence timing that the poets read mostly around sunset (except me). Here are two photos of the Flamenco dancer.

Flamenco Dancer

Susana Elena stands like a bull-fighter over the flamingo -- looks like she's going to spear it...

Flamenco Dancer

Dancer strikes a sharp pose against the sky as she twirls in the evening breeze.

Poetry at Sunset

oh, oops... they call it "spoken word" today... geeze! To me, a reading's a reading by any name. Here's the Grand Slamminatrix, Mindy Nettiffee. (I had read earlier; don't know if my photo was taken.)