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Women's Festival Photos, Page 4

Temperamental Angel // flies madly out of the sun // sits melancoly // on daylight's fading rays. // She sings and plays her songs // with the wail of one lone angel. // Her voice soars over the rooftops, // over concrete and asphalt hues // as she belts strains // of surreal blues // that do not die // in the receding sun's rays. // Songs so intense, // so heavy with sighs // that a man-made crane // must hold up the sun's // billowing crimson train // as he slowly sinks // beneath the horizon. // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This lady moves me to poetry...

Gilli Moon

Gilli Moon soars with the seagulls, an entranced audience at her feet...

Gilli Moon she belts the blues over the Long Beach skyline ~~~

Audience, CD table & Gilli Moon

That's Mara's hand holding up Gilli's CD. Ya owe her one, Gilli!