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Women's Festival Photos, Page 2

Apologies: template allows only 3 photos a page! Also want to note that I thought I'd only take a few photos of the poets & comediennes I contacted to come, so many musicians are not represented here. For that, I apologize, especially after I realized how many photos I took. There were professional ("real") photogs there, though... I'm sure they got better photos than I did.

Kay Erickson

Sorry, Kay... didn't catch you looking up! Kay's the Assistant Director, looking at the silent art auction registry.

Faith Rivera

I forgot to take Faith's photo while she was playing!! Faith is the Musical Director & Performance Coordinator. Enjoyed her singing & playing too much... didn't take her photo while I was bouncing around to the beat.

Diana Perkins

She's a Long Beach singer/writer -- and the one who took my night-time photo. (Thanks, Di!)