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Women's Festival Photos, Page 1

Women's Festival, March 9, 2002. Event Presented by Cheryl Bennett, Second City Council Gallery, Long Beach, CA Photos by Laura S. Munoz, Poetry Coordinator. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please click on "Back" button to return to 1st page. Then click on the link for the next page. Haven't tried to link subsequent pages together, yet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cheryl Bennett

Her photo's little cuz she was a-hidin' in the audience! I know Joe or Kay must have gotten a better photo!

Joe Flazh! & Margie Stretz

Joe's the Arts Editor & the "real photographer!" Margie is the Women's Festival logo illustrator.

Joe Flazh! & Margie Stretz

KaRi helped with the silent auction, getting all the contributions. And she did a lot of promoting, too. She is seen here with a local Long Beach artist (don't know his name).