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  Life, in the fable of Celt, belongs to dreams.

Some dreams, in life, we can never ignore.

Life, through centuries in dreamland,

is nothing but a series of :-


Web Design & Flames Of Love:  Paul O'Neill

Original Word & Verse:  Ann O'Neill

Enchanted Art (with very special thanks):  Jessica Galbreth

®Emeraldplinters/O'Neill 2001


All poetry on Emeraldsplinters is officially registered as belonging to Ann O'Neill.




In space you never held me,

though your life inspired my dream.

In the valleys

I am brought alive by the shadow of your wings

and as I cross the garden,

with a thumping that would burst my skin,

I pray that someday, when I die,

you'll walk to the edge,

you'll come to this place

and know.


You're stubborn, kind of quirky,

a bubbling sea beneath the rim,

an enigmatic sphere, embracing knowledge,

with a joke shop in mid-stream.

But for all your sense and struggle,

life is never how it seems

and I pray that someday, when I die,

you'll fly to the edge,

glide like a bird

and know.


God never makes you angry -

I've never found that faith,

though I recognize religion

as a state of zealous heart.

But holy, I would give to creed

and know there's something more,

that one day

I'll find space enough to greet you.