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Eladriell Winterwind

Eladriell Winterwind is angry. He has lived long enough to see his once proud race dwindle into obscurity under the ever growing dominion of Man. His heart blackened by hate, he has turned to the war gods of old for a final solution to the "Swarming vermin!". Along with the old gods of the Giants he has been heard to scream both Vaprak and Ogkma's names in battle suggesting that he doesnt really care to whom his soul falls, as long as he can take all his enemies with him.
By all accounts the influence of Nasty the Black, Mistik, Kabu and other strange and unsavoury characters has'nt helped. Rumour has it he spent time with the infamous Rogues Vlad and Lestat learning underhanded methods of fighting because, "No matter what it takes, when you fight, fight to win!".
No matter his associations though he has always stood firmly at the heart of the Guild of Fighters, his loyalty fierce and unquestioned, indeed those who have questioned his alliances tend to carry their noses back in their hands.
His history is shrouded in the mists of time. It is known that he is from a rare race of red haired and wild Giants from the cold northern tundra, that he has a love for the wilderness in its harshest aspects and a deep and abiding hatred of Elvenkind beyond the aforementioned anger at all smaller peoples. There are few clues to his past and heritage and few have been brave enough to enquire. Steadfastly protecive of his own family, whether he agrees with their actions and viewpoints or not, he is a strong patriarch, though often needing to be held in check when his emotions get the better of him by his more even tempered relatives
Eladriell is a very old Giant, with wild red hair now fading to grey, fair skin and large forest green eyes. He's about 12' tall and weighs in at an intimidating 27 stone without beer assistance.

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