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Tips And Tactics For Slaying Dragons

In all Dragon fights, you need to lower their Magic Resistance. For better results, you need to lower their saving throws too.

To avoid needless repetition, when I use the term, LMRAST, it means Lower Magic Resistance And Saving Throws.

There are two popular methods to lower Magic Resistance, the most common is using the level 5 mage spell, Lower Resistance. The other method is using the clerical spell, Magic Resistance. Note that the clerical spell, Magic Resistance, is only viable when the Cleric is low level. For high level parties, the mage spell, Lower Resistance, is much better.

To lower saving throws, we have the most popular, Greater Malison, a level 4 mage spell. Also, we have Doom, a level one clerical spell. Greater Malison lowers savings throws by -4 and affects an area. Doom lowers saving throws by -2 but only affects one target.

Another useful tactic in Dragon fights, is to use summoned/gated creatures. While they distracted the Dragon, your party pummels and wear the Dragon down. Note however, that some Dragons, can cast Death Spell; which will kill all summons in the area of effect. Gated creatures are not affected by Death Spell though.

Another thing to note, never fight on one side of the Dragon only. This is to compensate for Wing Buffet. If you surround the Dragon at all sides, it can never knock back everybody. This is to minimise the Dragon's usage of Dragon's Breath, which is usually very deadly.

With the basics done, we now go to tactics.

  1. Polymorph Tactic: LMRASV, cast the level 4 mage spell, Polymorph. If successful, the Dragon is reduced to a squirrel... ...

    Do not be complacent though! Although it is now a squirrel, the Dragon still possesses the Wing Buffet ability. It cannot use Dragon's Breath though, so the threat is minimal. It's melee ability is severely reduced too.

    I highly recommend people to try this tactic once, just for the fun/laugh factor.

  2. Feeblemind Tactic: LMRASV, cast the level 5 mage spell, Feeblemind. If successful, the Dragon becomes totally dumb and does nothing but stand still. Proceed to poke it to death.

  3. Cloudkill Tactic: Stay out of the Dragon's visual sight. Cast multiple Cloudkills from wands and/or spells. The spell's area of effect will hit the Dragon. If enough Cloudkills are casted, the Dragon will eventually die.

    Note though, that many consider this a cheesy tactic, as it abuses the weaknesses of the Dragon's AI( Artificial Intelligence).

  4. One-Hit Kill Tactic: LMRASV, cast anything that can kill in one-hit. Prime examples are the level 7 mage/cleric spell, Finger of Death. If you have a level 12+ Mage/Sorcerer, Chromatic Orb is an alternative choice( but has a much lower chance of success). Quivering Palm is another example.

    Be warned of using spells like Disintergrate or Flesh to Stone. Although they will kill the Dragon, they also destroy the loot.

  5. Harm Tactic: Lower the Dragon's Magic Resistance, and Breach any Stoneskins away. Get a Cleric, with the level 6 clerical spell, Harm, activated to hit the Dragon. If successful, the Dragon is reduced to 1 Hp.

    Proceed to throw a rock at it to finish the job.

  6. Time Stop Tactic: This tactic works best if you also have Improved Alacrity, Robe of Vecna and the Amulet of Power. Your Mage/Sorcerer casts Time Stop, followed by Improved Alacrity. Once this is done, unleash all your attack spells first, then move about half-way between the suspended spells and the Dragon and start casting protection removing/lowering spells like Lower Resistances, Ruby Rays of Reversals, Breach, etc... ... The main reason why you cast in two different locations is so that the Dragon's protections are removed and lowered first before your attack spells hit it.

  7. Chain Contingency Bomb Tactic: Fill a Spell Trigger with 3 Lower Resistance and fill a Chain Contingency with 3 Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting before the fight. Set the Chain Contingency to trigger when enemy is sighted, and to cast at nearest enemy. When the battle starts, immediately cast the Spell Trigger on the Dragon.

  8. Fear Tactic: LMRASV, cast any fear-inducing spell. Some examples will be Insect Plague, Spook, Horror, etc... ...

    The point of this tactic is to make you chase the Dragon around, as opposed to the Dragon chasing after you.

  9. Trap Tactic: Very simple to do and the challenge factor very low. Simply lay as many traps as you can just out of the Dragon's visual sight. When the traps are done, simply make the Dragon go hostile and lure it to the traps.

  10. Magic Missile Barrage Tactic: This works best with two or more Mages. Fill all your Minor Spell Sequencers, Spell Sequencers and Spell Triggers with Magic Missile. Save one Spell Trigger for 3 Lower Resistances. Fire the Spell Trigger with the 3 Lower Resistances first, then proceed to hurl all your sequences at the Dragon.

  11. Conan Tactic: Screw tactics, just go in with sword swinging.