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My Perfect Guy

          My perfect guy awaiting me is a Christian man full of faith and love.

          He is loyal and caring and makes people feel good.

          His past does not matter as long as he is now honest and true.

          This man loves all creatures and holds no judgements.

          He makes me laugh and loves me for who I am on the inside, but adores me on the outside too.

          He is attractive and wise, yet only cares about others and tells no lies.

          He makes me feel safe and loved whenever we're together,

          He'll take care of me no matter the weather.

          I love him with all of my heart, we're a match made in Heaven.

          Our love can never be torn, it will only grow through the years.

          We're soulmates, you see, together forever we'll be.

              By Jeannine Newsum, December 2004

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