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Heaven's Beauty

Another starry night and you're not here, another wishful heart for you to be near. But which star should I wish upon tonight? Which memory should I sleep with till light? Wake me up, pull me close, your love is an overdose. How I wish to wake up next to you, there's more that we could live through. But sometimes I wonder "Is this a dream?" Sometimes I wonder if waking up would be a nightmare. This is much more than a reality, you are much greater than Heaven's beauty. Though I was still dying of nostalgia in a rage laced with anger, you still showed me compassion and became more than a heart's distraction. So as my heart floods with aches like rain, baby you're the only one keeping me sane. I used to feel so alone, but with you there's no more pain. I never deserved your loving words or this poisoned romance. I used to think love was a waste of time, but not this time. So as I sit and think of past regrets, how I used to deal with shit on my own, I wonder "what was the point? Did I get what I deserved? To be alone?" Not at all, but I realize all my faults and now there's so much more to life with you. The treachery and misery that once overcame me, but now I realize my treasure in life. I've waited and wanted someone like you to cross paths with my whole life. Patience is something hard to come across and losing you would forever be my loss. So as I sit and think of future decisions, it brings more than a mere smile to my face. The anxiety of finally getting to that place and so much more till we reach our destination. So lets endure the hardships and progress in our relationship. Lets get to the finish line and make our ending divine.

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