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Anonymous Poems That I've Collected

I cannot laugh without a sigh, I cannot speak without a lie. Endless moaning in the night, warns of pain or just delight. Misuse myself in front of you just to get your pity too. Just to get your pity true, Iíd kill myself in front of you. He who comes in the hour of need has been too late, lack of speed. I never cared about these things, theyíre meaningless in all its sense. Iím just happy I can say, come what may at the end of the day.

I go to bed every night, dreaming dreams of sweet delight. I wake up sweaty, scared and cold, forced on smile feeling old. Smile Ė youíre lucky, loved and wanted. So why the fuck do I feel so haunted. Laugh Ė youíre born and bred a winner, and bitterness made me a sinner. Letís grow old and let loose all passion, youth is just outdated fashion. I burned out slowly in November, did I have fun? I canít remember. I was old and now Iím dead, no more nightmares in my head.

Death, departure, walk away, walk out. Should I or should I not pout. Family and friends, lovers and one-night stands. I have loved, lost and lived. How do I trust, how do I love again? I should move on, itís all in my past, but my pain remains, continues and lasts. This pain lingers in my heart, mind and soul. Damn it Ė why is this world so cold. How can I have faith in God and family, when people I love are taken from me? Where can I find true and loyal friends? Iím sick of the lies, fights and revenge. Hurt continuously, hurt at a young age. How do I love again with all my rage, how do I get past all of this? Show me a sign, so I can leave my sadness, pain and crying behind.

A shine of silver, a splash of red, the pounding heart in my head. The numbing pain, the guilty hours, picking up speed till Iím devoured. Nothing more than a mound of a scar, cut too deep maybe Iíve gone too far. Still I wonder in this pleasureful pain, who will ever take the blame? I cannot say that this is wrong, itís been keeping me sane for way too long. Now I lay and think awhile, as the blood drops begin to pile. Canít tell a soul what Iíve done, Iíll pack my bags and begin to run. Iíll disappear into my head or maybe just sit on my blood-stained bed.

Leave me alone Iím sharpening the knife, Iíve made a decision to take my own life. Thereís no turning back, no other way to go. Iíve made up my mind and I want you to know. Donít try to stop me, you will not succeed. I shall sit here in silence and watch myself bleed. I wrote you a letter, Iíve said my goodbyes. I just want to sleep and close my tired eyes. Iíve crossed the line from sane and not, this side is better but better than what? Iíve never belonged here, always in the way. Lost, sad and lonely, never knowing what to say. I know that you love me and I love you too, but I cannot stay here... not just for you. Time for me to go now, I must depart. My soul just died and there goes my heart.

Hiding in the corner with his wings tucked in, tears in his eyes and cuts in his skin. He once was innocent at some point in time, because of his scars heís no longer divine. His wings are withered, his arms rest on his knees. His tears run down as fast as his wrist bleeds. Do you see him hiding over there? Are you going to act like you donít care? In torment and tears he does dwell, we cannon help this Tainted Angel...

He covers his arm to hide the scar, he remembers someone saying "no one cares who you are." He bought a ticket and came to the dance, he gave socializing one more chance. He sat in the back from everyone he fled, he cut up his arm and cried as he bled. People kept away as he bled on the floor, tears ran down his face as he cut some more. "What is he doing? How long has he cried?" They asked, as they watched this innocent suicide...

Now that I know youíre not for me, that we can never be, itís time for me to let go. Let go of all those dreams, dreams that I thought would never end when deep down inside I knew we could only be friends. Now Iím letting go to all the lies I told myself, lies that created a fairytale where our love reached farther than the stars. But now Iím left alone, alone with this scar. Alone with this pain, Iíll no longer be the same. Iím determined to get you off my mind, determined to leave all those memories behind. Iím letting go even though my heart wants to hold on, but I must realize I must move on.

So afraid to open my heart, scared that once again itíll be torn apart. All the sadness and pain I cannot take, I hope youíre for real and not a fake. Past relationships were no good, in the end alone I stood. Let me hold you tight in my arms and Iíll always protect you from all harm. When Iím not with you I think of all the lilí sweet things you do that makes me want to be with you. Hoping with all my heart that youíre the one, that my search for true love is finally done.

The nights are long, the days are sad. Not knowing what I lost, not know what I had. I think of you for hours, your lips I just canít kiss. Youíre the one I want, youíre the one I miss. Although we talk of friendship I always think of love, hoping we could have more and not just a friendly shove. You tell me your problems and Iíll listen with open ears. Iíd like to tell you mine, but Iíll always have fears.

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