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questioning the ruins,
gesticulating in voiceless pantomine,
tell me what is down there

when up means a reach beyond
what was once possible---
now a teasing, tasteless room
of empty benches and hypocrites
always choking.

in the childless vessel
swallowing ropes--
dissecting vines--
sifting splendour through
grains of sand---
muddying up veins with worthless
antiques of slippery, forgotten

YOUR tongue beats through
my wall---
pushes into my shadowless cave--
collapsing walls, flooding footprints
i can no longer see where
i begin and YOU end
when we fuck--
so much passioned up
honey, sticks on your
can you stay a
a little longer
i don't want to wake up
even if it's a good
game of "let's pretend"--
i will hold your
name high. i will
not follow you home.

i will not ever ask
for you again.

And he goes and stays--
goes again---

Blood is a shadow--
a salty promise.

I always wanted an escape.

Copyright 2004 by Holli Marie Hansen