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Chapter One Part One- The Hunter

I am...the Hunter. Beloved assassin of the Sacred Odogi. A rebel group of Sangsue that believe they are the "True," race. I am hated by many, feared by all. I am equipped with knowledge allowing me to taunt my victims, in a game of Hunter verses the Hunted; which is where I recieved my name, The Hunter. There are very few rules, the only one I must follow is Kill, or be Killed. I am the shadow of fear, and tonight I cast down upon the soul of one man...
She stood. Silent. Watching carefully, ready to strike at any given moment. Her helpless victim obliviously unaware of her presence, held hands with a woman, who she could tell, looked just like him.
“I’ll have to kill that bitch as well.” She thought
She wasn’t heartless. Gods no! There was so much love and caring going into her work. Her nimble fingers could slice through anyone’s flesh, and her petite hands had no trouble breaking through bones as if they were fragile glass poles. Yes, she was damned good. The craftsmanship she had with a weapon of any kind was enough to die for...
Sadistic ness made her funny. But she was never the kind of person to laugh, instead, a quick smirk. She watched her victims walk into the building that they would never see again.
She was very intellectual. She analyzed situations before she reacted and made a few mental notes before following them inside.
“The woman is obviously, a relative. Sangsue and Nightchildren are known for what we rudely call, incest. His sister, I imagine. The bouncer seemed a bit on edge while in his presence. Im guessing importance. Either he truly IS intimidating, or a rich manipulative bastered who knows people in high places.”

She guessed...both. But, pickers can’t be choosers. She could enjoy any kill. Sure, sex was great, but the thrill she got while ripping out some stupid idiot’s intestines lit her fuse. Plus, the Odogi had chosen her not because they didn’t have options. Sure, they had connections to every assassin in the damn world. No, it was because she was the best, and it was such an honor to hold. Whether or not the kill was great. But, if the Odogi wanted this Nightchild dead, there must be some sacred connection that she could not grasp at that particular moment. She knew, this was not a mission to screw up.
The assassin descended the building with professional agility. Crouching in the shadows, she watched the bouncer carefully, not blinking once. Which is why most people are afraid of her. Her stare was cold and dark. She had the eyes of a homicidal maniac. She liked it. She had thoughts about just walking up and stabbing the big dumb ass in the liver, and then leave his body some where to bleed to death. But it was too messy, and too much work. Plus, she knew it would be highly immature and risky for an assassin to kill the unnecessary without knowing what unwanted attention would be drawn to it.
It had been decided that one life was sparable. She couldn’t understand WHY she didn’t want to kill him. Other than the fact that any small detail could screw this whole mission up. He was a Stalker, a cancer of all sorts. The worst kind of blood drinkers. Sure, they had the hunger, but they didn’t have to power drive to move up the evolutionary ladder. They are basically just the same as juicers. Just accidents that we can herd around as slaves.
But she knew better than to wrongfully misjudge, there was a wellborn reason for his station here. Stalkers had no magical abilities for the life of them, but they still have their physical strength. But she wasn’t expecting a vast amount of intelligence to bloom out of nowhere. There are reasons we have guards. They are extremely stupid, but follow strict orders.

“Im sure if they asked him to blow his fucking brains out, it wouldn’t come to a surprise that he actually do it.” She thought to herself.

She needed a plan for this one. If she wanted to get her destination, she had to take it slow. She waited. Time was running short. She knew that her victim had escaped death this night, but she would still take time to observe him. She was getting aggravated. She was tired of waiting, and walking over and stabbing the bouncer was looking rather fun, as she might call it. But opportunity knocked a little unexpectedly.
Two juicers walked by. They were both male, holding each other with passion she hadn’t seen in a long time. They caught the bouncer’s eye, but he knew better than to leave his post. She could sense his drive; he wanted so badly to rip them apart. The juicers looked into each other’s eyes. So warm, so loving, it would be a waste to end such a beautiful relationship...

“Oh fucking well!” She said softly. She waved her hand in a half circle motion. “Fury,” a low class spell, a gift from the Odogi.
In a flash that seemed to happen within a few seconds, the first juicer threw the second to floor. You could hear the pound of his back as he landed on the pavement. He let out a small scream, which made the assassin’s pupils dilate. The bouncer was fondly amused, and began to laugh. The first juicer began ripping through the second’s stomach flesh, as if digging for buried treasure.
“Oh, he’ll find it alright, just as soon as he breaks through the rib cage...” she said.

The bouncer’s senses took over completely and he ran to juicers, and began feeding. This was her chance. She slipped through undetected.

“A good killing is a dreadful thing to not witness.” She thought. She turned, and observed for but a brief moment as the juicer ripped out the other’s heart, in a wondrous array of red. The blood was everywhere, and she could taste it on her tongue. She smiled; waved her hand like she had once done, and the last surviving juicer began tearing at his own flesh.
“Ah, the sound of frightening screams is music to my ears,” she thought. And she had been right; the bouncer really is dumb as hell. Had he known that juicers have no ability to do any of the things that they had done, he would be a little more on the look out. “Well, that’s good news for me.”
Now her sex drive, and her adrenaline were both fully aroused. The Hunter had arrived. She continued down the hall. Holding stead fast to the prize that she would soon collect, and the blood that belonged on her hands.

“I will enjoy every drop of you Ardoin... you can be sure of that...”