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Dream Weaver

I didnít get

What I wished to receive

That embrace That I cannot feel I wish For understandingAnd am faced With familiar friends They whisper That they will come soon That they know But they know they cant be "real" Not physical Not a hug Not that I want them to Not them And I always look For someone to understand I draw people in And drive them mad as I search for what isnít there So once again They open their homes to me Open their homes And welcome me And my soul relaxes On familiar ground They comfort me Like old friends Because they are I know them well What you would call them I can only guess But you wouldnít like them Yet you wont like me either If I ever Bared my soul For how I look On the inside Might kill you With its calmness Iíll give it wings And a crystal ball That reflects emotions That rage inside you And a cloak That is like the night sky That drapes around the feet So perfectly And the skin is perfect And pale The hair is dark But not black Lips too red Gloves covering delicate hands Delicate But have known mortals blood And As I said The calmness Would kill you Because youíre only human And thatís not just it Youíre blind Congenitally sighted From birth you have been poisoned I hate to be callous But actually I donít Because I only wish to tell the truth And that thing I have been talking about The calm one Is named Dream Weaver That is as accurate as emotions can be turned into words Why talk of him HerIt So much? Because that is it Thatís who I am How I look If I would visit you in a dream Or as a winged wolf That is my familiar there With a helm like golden wings And the shoes of Hermes himself But I think I have lied Because I cant tell the truth To you In words Words confine So I ask you Ironically What you think What words do you think? I may know After all I am the Dream Weaver