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Devin pugliano: as seen from a friends eye view.

Two things Devin is not 1) sappy, and 2) sappy. I have had the pleasure of getting close to Devin through the past two years. Our start, seeming to some, should have totally sent us in opposite directions, however it drew us into a closely knit friendship. Devin has what many people desire, and that is charm and talent. Having read much of his poetry, I am continually blown away at the depth and passion that he carries in the ink on the page. I speak for many when I say that Devin is a genius. There have been aspirations to start a band called, "Cocaine Butterfly", which was to symbolize distorted beauty. However the reasons for the band became null as Devin developed in his personal life. He met Lindsey. She has been a source of inspiration to him, and a well of happiness that he dips from continually. As his friend, I look foward to seeing his future unravel and to see the genius become known to the world.


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