Twisting the knife.
Why don’t you die.
Screaming, screaming
Bloody orgy.
Love me to death.
Love you to death.
Your cold dry skin pressed against my flesh
Cheek to cheek
Then I kiss your lips, and watch your soul drown
Falling. Falling.
Into a hole
The abyss in my mind
Where only the reflection of my sub conscious survive.
Shadows fighting mortals
Strangling with fear.
Suffocating with love
I plucked the eye
Hand in fist
Pushing through the skin
A dry labor
Still born
Lonely in a place of friendly faces
Friendly places Bloody traces on the wall
Inverted handprints stain the hall
No one has the guts to tell you the truth If they’re all over the floor
And your still being beaten like the bitch you are
Chained for one reason
Amusement of my senses
Shut up!! Shut up!!
I’m hurt inside, lonely, afraid I’ll die, walking on eggshells,
Going to heaven I mean hell. Fucked again and always in the
End. Beginning with the time I wake up. Tick, tick, tick,
Tock. Where’s the snooze button for the brain to start, stop functioning, thinking, reeling.
I am my worst enemy. Never forgiving but always telling something is wrong with me.
Beat me. Beat me.
Beat me till near death. And let me beg for you to beat me masochist.
They’re always raping my mind. Touching my body with needles, probing, picking, pulling, out my teeth.
They’re all so scary. I want my mommy. <