12 Feb 02

The love I have to share,
Seems to go nowhere but here.
No place for it to call home.
No heart for it to belong.

Crying tears, inverted laughter fills the air. Face painted red.
Streaks across your hands. A catastrophe of skin,
Pulling downwards, farther and farther, rippling water,
Distorted visions, there are monsters among us.
Lipstick murders lips, when kissed, turning red, sympathetic,
No one can comfort the smeared mascara, runny noses
Bloody roses, confined in a coffin

Love holds stronger, binding souls together.
Tornado of feelings, destroying hearts. Poetic murder
Rapes the comforter, an overdose of pills. Being strangled by hope.
Poetic murder, Killing hearts, Makes the dead stronger.
Angrier. Attacking couples. Searching for your
Soul. Then death has total control. <