They took my mind and changed my ways.
They took my wife away from me
The govern the things I receive
I have a price but my body is the receipt.
They wonít be happy until weíre all dead
Global domination and whoís #1
I wonít be happy until weíre all dead
When thereís nothing left to corrupt
This will be the end.

Set our soulís free
Set out minds free
Govern the society
When the threat is over there is nothing to fear
When suburbia can relax and society can forget.
When we let our guard down again and relax
Cause weíre untouchable
You canít surprise us anymore
Weíre ready and forgetful
We donít even know who you are
Ever seeing enemy, blind people
They have to govern your eyes
You can only see and believe what money can bring
Forget about suffering
The sadness
The blood and guts
Donít worry about it till itís in your backyard.
Then Iíll watch you try to shovel your shit on
Someone elseís lawn. <