These are our friends. LOVE THEM!
Oh and if you are one of my friends and your pic is not here, it's not that you were forgotten. I either don't have a pic of you or a pic that justifies your beauty! Send me a pic and I will post it.

James & Adam before a few beers

James & Adam after a few reebs

The majority of my photo album looks like this

and like this...

Kerry taking me to my 1st militart ball

Fulton & his geetar

Ash & Melissa

Ash & Luke

Ash with his baby Taji
Zarek, CJ, and Gab on Valentine's Day.

Veronica Electronica

Gabriel de Vue, my exchange student friend from Germany
Sylvia & her sexy manslave, Lobo
Ozz in Kuwait
Brian, our OK friend a dorm somewhere in NM
Roman, he lives in Atlanta now. He's talking to me! =D
Cornie sucking on a bottle of life
JJ in a mood. xD
Flipper and James...
Flipper...being Flipper. He's in FL now. Lucky fucker.
Typical pic of Kerry & James.
Melissa & Occ...foreplay?
Misa & Pete visiting from GA.