Many of us have been through that time when we couldn’t find ourselves or where we belong. I tried so hard to fit into the wrong crowds in school. I did drugs just so I could fit in with that crowd. When I went to college I thought that I would find people more like me. I couldn’t be that different could I? Everyone there was younger than me or had gone to high school together and already knew where they belonged. James met people in his auto class and through him I met Damoix. What a geek. I made fun of him and his talk of court, vampires, and all the crazy names he’d spout. He himself has admitted that he was too consumed by being different.

      He told us of goth night. I had known La’el for years and figured that since goth night was her thing, we could go and check it out. Not too many people. They appeared later. Then I saw Zarek. What a cutie he was, barely dressed. He came to me and touched my hair and told me how cute I was. It was rare that anyone compliment me much less acknowledge me. I was greeted by these people and their crazy names through out the night. Even though I knew only a couple people, I felt comfortable…at home even.

      Within only a couple weeks, I became the new DJ. Zarek and La’el helped pick out the name for me, DJ Nailbunny. An interesting year followed. I remember the first time I talked to Occulus. We were sitting outside waiting with Zarek for someone to bring his car keys back. Occulus and I were bitching about how everyone spoke of orgies after the club and then everyone would chicken out. No orgies ever followed. It wasn’t until 1 year later that I officially joined. Some of my best friends I met through the house. I fell in love with the people. Daimoix was still a geek, but I was grateful to him for helping me on my journey of self discovery.

      Now that I have moved 700 miles away, I feel that I have been ripped away much too soon. Is that all I get? I get cheated again? No one will ever replace my friends in House Crimson Blade. I know who I am now. Even if I have no one here and I get lonely, I know what I am looking for. So now I have a new journey to embark. I spread what I know. I have to make a place to feel at home again.

House Crimson Blade