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Same Old Shame, Skin 30
Celebrating Joey Kamiya's 16th Birthday
Live at the Okinawa Club
Gardena, CA
May 24th, 2003

Skin 30 opened up this show with a lot of energy while playing their ten own songs even though the crowd consisted of relatives from Joey Kamiya's family with a few friends of the band here and there. Skin 30 played "Prayer To A Dead Star" really solid and was one of their best songs they played. Even though there were some problems with the P.A. not being loud enough and the crowd problem, this was still a great set from Skin 30.

Right after Skin 30 was Same Old Shame to close the show. They kicked off their set with "Bro Hymn." This was their very first show ever and they played a total of two originals and six covers by bands like Pennywise, Green Day and Nirvana. S.O.S. had similar problems with the P.A. and the crowd but they still played a solid set and started off on a good note with their first show.

Special thanks to Janet, Eddie, Joey Kamiya and the Kamiya family.

Reviewed on June 16th, 2003

Skin 30, The Floaters, Same Old Shame, Heinous Anus
Live at Torrance Park (Bandshell area)
Torrance, CA
June 14th, 2003

Heinous Anus opened up the show and had some troubles with the amp for the guitar but still managed to play some solid originals and covers from the Ramones.

Playing second was Same Old Shame, this band opened their set with "Bro Hymn," a cover from Pennywise, to set the tone for the rest of their set. They played three originals and four covers by bands like Green Day and Pennywise.

After S.O.S. was Floaters, a band with one member from Heinous Anus and this band played many originals and covers by Nirvana and the Ramones. This band had many people in the crowd into their music and had great responses.

Playing last was the band who put this whole show together. Skin 30 had the most fans and had great crowd participation. The lead singer Ian got the people in the crowd to start a pit during their song, "The Only Way." They ended their set that included all originals with "Prayer To A Dead Star" and "Black Soul."

Special thanks to all of the people who put this show on like; Daniel and Claudia Boggero, Janet and Eddie Kamiya and the guys from Skin 30.

Reviewed on June 15th, 2003