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All poems written by Keith Boggero


I scorn you with pride, & remorse not even aloof.
If murder is compelling, I will not repent for your death.
Suicide is auspicious compared to saying I don't disdain you.
Your ineffable stupidity & drivel makes me want to spew.

I despise you because you're so fatuous, inferior, & dependent.
You deserve to die for being fat, ugly & obsolescent. It'll be hard to find solace in a world with your joy.


The green of the tree is faded away.
Its lively spirit never stays.
The branches are fragile,
Like stained glass windows,
With rotting & putrid fruit in its shade.

It stands as high as the church's steeple,
But under its soil it hides all its bugs.
Just like the church hides its wrongs & its lies.

Its sick & wrongful roots,
Dig through the dirty ground,
To portray the beautiful image,
Of a flawless tree.
Looking at all of its hidden parts,
The structure would be deeply hated by all.

It stands as high as the church's steeple,
But under its soil it hides all its bugs.
Just like the church hides its wrongs & its lies.


Your radiance gleams into my eyes, filling them with mysterious wonder.
I ponder about how such a superb human being ever got here,
Compared to an entire planet of extreme entropy & awful imperfections.
I find you to be profoundly alluring,
& when I stare, I see the pulchritude from deep within, seeping through your skin.
& just to know that your dwelling's so near, makes my day every time I arouse.

I will always be there to cater for you, when your life is flawless, & troublesome as well.
If the choice were mine, I'd be with you till hell freezes over, but am I worth your time?
I'd slay the world for your well-being, without a second's hesitation.
& if you see me boldly staring, blame your beauty, it's paralyzing.
To hold you tightly in my arms, I would love to do,
& if I die today, I hope I near you...


I love your stare,
& I love your dark eyes.
They entice me to stare,
Into your enticing dark eyes.

You are so beautiful,
Full of darkness & morbid.
Your aesthetic is so lucid,
& you are never ever sordid.

Your darkness is compulsive,
Enticing & compelling.
I'm the one that you're enslaving.
& I am yours for the taking.


I'm overwhelmed with sorrow,
At every Goodbye.
& it'd be a lie,
If I would say,
I wouldn't want to cry.
I sigh,
& wonder why,
You mean so much to me.
You are thee,
One & only,
That means something to me.
Take what you want,
But let us be together,
Where ever,
& forever.


I'm self deprived from God.
I have no faith.
Religion can't distract me,
& I reject to pray.
You can never change my mind.
I know what I believe.
Religion's on my bad side,
& I wish it wouldn't be.

There was never any God,
Nor the savior Jesus Christ.
To all the pious out there,
You'll find out you are not right.
When you die, you will not see.
What you thought you believed.
You'll be lying in a casket,
Without your soul in heaven.


Somebody tell me why some of us are such liars.
I swear to God I'd kill you all, & I'd never get tired.
You get nothing out of it, & won't enjoy me a single bit.
When I get my hands on you, expect your fucking blood to drip.
Next time it would be better if you think of what you say.
Just hope that I don't find you, & suggest you better pray.
Tell me why you did all this, & you just might live through me.
You'll be the one losing, it's just too bad you couldn't see.

Wink your last blinks, breath your last breaths, now's the time to do it.
The next time you'll be noticed is when you're dead inside a casket.
I'd love you see you burn in hell & hear your screams of pain.
It's too bad that hell's a lie, but you won't prevent the bloodstains.
You know I never liked you, but you got me to my worst.
But soon will come your end, goddamn it you made me burst.
You didn't have to push me to this level that's so far.
Ask your God to keep your life, but you'll see your fucking death star.


Hypocrite, hypocrite, why do you hide?
Why do you hide yourself inside?
Hypocrite, hypocrite, why are you scared?
Why are you scared to be yourself?
Hypocrite, hypocrite, you're like a rat.
You're like a rat scared of a cat.
Hypocrite, hypocrite, die & rot.
Die & rot for being someone you're not.

You'll never get close to grace, you'll always be dead last.
You'll be praying for a change in life, sinse you've all ready ruined your past.
You'll wish to die if you stay the same, so you better change it fast.
Don't go on being a hypocrite, or you'll be stuffed within the rest.

Hypocrite, hypocrite, don't you stay.
Don't you stay with the life you portray.
Hypocrite, hypocrite, leave me alone.
Leave me alone untill you get a life of your own.
Hypocrite, hypocrite, I'm sick of you.
I'm sick of you & the lies from you.
Hypocrite, hypocrite, get a grip.
Get a grip on the life you can't get.


Man is the prey of man,
& man is the prey of God.
I have no God & I am no prey,
But I can prey on all.


God blesses the holy,
& God damns the evil.
God is the mighty king of the world.
God gives life, & God keeps the good dead.
Oh, that mighty Got of yours.
It's all in your head.

Love & hate are on a race,
To rule the world in varied ways.
Hate's provailing, no doubting that,
& love is falling into a rut.

God & Satan are fighting a battle.
God keeps fleeing while Satan saber rattles.
Satan would provail if known correctly,
But society's idots don't look at it directly.

You & yourself are in a war.
Forget the nonsense you were fed by a whore.
You are Satan, while God's imaginary.
Ignore it's sophism & believe in yourself.

- R e t u r n -