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All poems written by Joey Kamiya

I have many crappy poems and a handful of somewhat decent poems, so here is the handful... Enjoy.


Empty faces
Empty feelings
Everything is empty from the floor to the ceiling
Empty depression
Empty love
Emptiness falls from the sky above

I look into her empty eyes
She never gets angry
She never cries
She stares deep into my empty eyes
Looks deeper within me
But Iím empty inside

Empty smiles
Empty sighs...
Empty tears fall from her eyes
Empty thoughts
Empty mind
So many empty ideas I tried to find

I look into her empty soul
She looks at me
Her look so cold
An empty kiss from her empty lips
Empty feelings of stolen bliss

ďWhy are you so empty?Ē I asked
She heard my empty words
But didnít respond
She spoke:
ďBoth of us are empty.
Thatís what attracted you to meĒ

(April 2001)


It was a Friday night, when the little boy saw,
a cruel and evil tragedy that will rid of us all.
He cried to his mommy and daddy, and he hid under the bed,
he tried to erase the morbid visions that invaded his head.

The visions terrified him, couldnít work, couldnít sleep,
he had to get out before he was in too deep.
Nobody believed him, it was the truth he would tell.
They will pay, for on the night of Hallowís Eve, they will all burn in hell!

It was a cold Halloween night when he had to decide,
if he wanted the visions to stop, he had to carve out his eyes.
It made him scream, it made him cry, but he couldnít take much more!
A knife in one hand, eyeballs in the other, blood puddle on the floor.

On that night, children go out for a trick or a treat.
Instead of chocolate, it would be toxic candy they will eat.
Nobody listened, they all made fun, it lead to their own demise.
They shouldíve listened! They shouldíve listened! to the boy with no eyes.

(November 2001)


I hear the wind howling
It makes the windows shake
It disturbs you in dreamland
Until you are awake

They shouldíve listened to the forecast
They never knew what hit them
The wind knocked down the school
And destroyed all the children

(December 2001)


In the cemetery,
where I rest in peace,
where all my friends
are beneath my feet.
I meet new strangers
every day.
All of them have
passed away.
One evening I came across
an empty grave.
I looked down into an empty casket,
where a corpse should lay.
So I decided, Iíll take a nap,
I stepped into the coffin and closed the lid.
When I woke up, I was on the ground,
lying beside my tombstone.
I grabbed a shovel and began to dig.
I dug and dug until I reached a casket,
afraid (and anxious) to see whatís inside.
I opened it, so very slowly,
and reveled my cold, lifeless body.

(January 2002)


Just because you cannot see her,
it doesnít mean she isnít there.
I could feel her presence all around me,
against my skin and through my hair.
She makes me feel warm on the inside,
but my skin is cold and chapped.
Iím losing my grip on reality,
sometime soon I just might snap!

Just because you cannot hear her,
it doesnít mean she isnít there.
I could feel her presence all around me,
her cold breath fills the air.

Iíve never seen her, but Iíve heard her voice,
now I have to make a simple choice.
I fell in love with a ghost...
Iím not insane!
I committed suicide just to be with her.

(February 2002)


Tuck in your children, one by one.
Read them fairy tales, no harm done.
We are characters, in their stories.
Yet we still seek within for souls.

I canít recall the times, I have been here.
Too many tales, I canít tell what is truth.
Evil-doers sent to jail, I wish it was this simple.
Our reality blinded for the sake of innocence.

(August 2002)


Remember when
You took a leap
When you were told that death would reap
Again, you died
You laughed, you lied
Kiss Deathís lips and put life aside

Remember when
You took a leap
Closed your eyes for eternal sleep
Again, you cried
You screamed, you sighed
Engineís out, ask Death for a ride

Remember when
You took a leap
Thinking you could buy Death for cheap
Again, you tried
In Hell, you fried
Kiss Deathís lips and put life aside

(September 2002)


Acid rain
pouring into my eyes.
As I feel the sting,
my spirits rise.
I feel your skin
dripping off the bone
and when you are gone,
I am all alone.

(October 2002)


If silence could speak,
the truth will escape.
Maintaining your silence was your only mistake.
If silence could speak,
the voices compare.
You seek comfort in knowing that silence is there.
If silence could speak,
then what would it say?
It will bid you adieu and vanish away.
If silence could speak,
it will sooth deaf ears.
I find comfort in knowing that silence is here.

(December 2002)


I crawled under the crawlspace where my Father once laid.
I remember these sessions, a game we once played.
I sensed a feeling of fear my Father once gave.
I emptied my pockets of pennies Iíve saved.

I still feel the scars that were considered depraved.
I keep hearing voices that summon my rage.
I constantly visit the poorly-done graves.
I constantly see the dirt in their face.
The faces of the bodies Iíve buried...

...in my crawlspace.

(December 2002)


Razor blades and the cuts theyíve made
never make up for the price youíve paid.
A song for you, twelve verses short,
if I only knew my last resort.
Windowless rooms buried under the soil.
Bitter temptations that are left to spoil.
Sleepless Beauties drink the poison again
and a silent killer follows... The End

(January 2003)


it falls apart
a lost and forgotten piece of art
Forever bliss
cannot resist
the life thatís beating in your heart
A suicide
one must provide
the loneliness one cannot hide
a loneliness that often rides
in my car now
and by my side

we fall apart
but were we together from the start?
Forever bliss
an unscathed wrist
while Death says farewell to your heart
A genocide
a forgotten lie
shall we meet on the other side?
Iíll meet you there
letís say at five
tug at your hair
claw at my eyes
prepare me now for my demise
I see her lying by my side
her both wrists slit
her bloodshot eyes
can this be it?
Love at first sight

I fall apart
Iíve lost and forgotten my dead art
and I realize
a God-sent prize
a tragedy thatís grown in size
I cannot forget
I hope to forget
I long to forget
I wish to forget
I pray to forget
I must forget

If only I could remember

(January 2003)


I close my eyes,
what comes to mind?
All the thoughts that I have left behind:
silent voices,
unknown noises,
numbness I feel that I cannot hide.

An ageless friend,
an aging God;
an overdose that you must applaud.

An ageless friend,
an aging trend;
thereís no time left for you to mend.

Roadkill acid
poured into drinks...
80 dollar wine that sells for cheap.
An authorís curse,
nothing to lose...
The triple-six route is what I choose.

How can you hold together now?

A faceless stranger,
an absent savior,
a detached favor,
an open letter,
I cannot save her now...

(January 2003)


Her eyes
shine brighter than any star
in the midnight sky.
The cool nighttime breeze
against her cheek,
light winds howling
and crooning in the shadows,
such beauty they seek... such beauty they seek...

From these words I speak,
allow the darkness to carry on
and reveal the brightness
of a heavenly sun.

My eyes,
irremovable from your presence
except during the dark hours of sleep
but even then,
you shall remain in my thoughts
and live through my dreams
and through the morning.

(February 2003)


Uzumaki spins, twists, and twirls in the air
Uzumaki's fingers are curled like her hair
Uzumaki misses the life she once lived
Uzumaki wonders if spirals forgive

The town is on their knees, planting spiral seeds
The seasonís on its way, and you will be their slaves

(March 2003)


Down the Rabbit-Hole, where little Frankie hides.
Down the Rabbit-Hole, where Frankie loves to die.
Itís too dark inside
For poor Frankieís eyes.
An empty pit, his left wrist slit
And in the dark he hides.

(April 2003)


We journey together,
With our minds unmixed,
Hand in hand
Across the River Styxx.
With one gold coin
Place upon each eye,
My Death is sealed, my wounds are healed,
We say ďGoodbye.Ē

(April 2003)


I exist in a fictional universe,
where the stars meet nightly
to share some laughs,
and then they shine.
The sun and the moon
both disappear to soon,
and then return to their suitable positions.

I breathe in a fictional world,
breathing in the polluted air
and bathing in oceans
of ignorance.
Mother Nature cradles her children,
only to drop them
when they least expect it.

I reside in a fictional town,
roaming the streets alone
while I am surrounded,
surrounded by millions.
Interaction with antagonistic characters,
each unaware of their surroundings,
reading their lines from Godís script...
Like sheep. They follow, I follow...

I live in a fictional home,
drowning in a raging river of guilt
that I cannot swim past;
so I allow the mass flow to wash me away.
All familiar faces have gone blank,
and they shall remain that way
until this story is over.
The End.

(April 2003)


I found your secret treasure chest
underneath your bed today.
I had no business opening it,
but I did anyway.
I took a peek
into the mysterious box,
while I wondered what I might find.
But what hid inside,
what hid inside that dreaded casket,
was beyond anything Iíd ever imagined.
I never expected
such a horrid thing,
especially from you, a fellow human being.
I found your secret treasure chest
buried within your tomb today.
now I wish I hadnít.

(April 2003)

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