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I've been writing poems and short stories for a while now, most of them just end up in my notebook for friends to read, a few have gone on to bigger and better things like Writing Contests. I thought it would be better to start putting them on the web for all to see and make comments on, I love getting people to read them and let me know what they think. For the next few weeks I'll be adding my old poems from my notebooks on here, then I'll write more. I'll put all my poems in categories.

I love writing, I can just pick a topic and write at least a page about it, many times I've written poems for my friends as gifts. They all say I have a great talent for writing. I've started writing stories, but I tend to like the poems better.

Below are links to different categories, after you read any of them, sign the guest book and tell me what you think... remember to add on there which one you read and give a rating of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) Thanks so much for taking the time to come here! I'd also like to thank the people who inspire me to write, give me topics, and read/comment on my writing, a few of those people are:

Art, my wonderful boyfriend, I've started writing poems for you and they all turn out to be my best work. Being with you has helped me get back into expressing how I feel on paper (or the computer) I love you very much and hope to write even more about my love for you.

Chris, my Georgia buddy, you helped me come up with many topics, and you too were the topic of many of my writings, you loved the poems I wrote for you and the others you have seen on my old Delphi site.

Mark, my internet buddy across the sea, thanks man... you were the inspiration for many of the poems I wrote, and at times the topic. The poems you read of mine you liked and said only good words about them. I miss you very much and hope to talk to you again some day


Thanks again to new friends and old, and future friends to come

Miz Damie



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