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That Special Place

The writings of Jack Roberts

"We have but one chance at each moment that passes by"

Born and raised in east central Illinois. I have always enjoyed telling my children stories from my past and especially of my childhood. As my daughter grew older she started wanting me to write them down so that she would always have them. I never thought much of it until I met my friend Smoke Martin. I loved reading her stories and poems and it wasnt long before she was encouraging me to write. I started writing and really enjoyed it. After I had written a few stories and poems of my own, I told her that I was trying to figure out what people liked to read so I would know what to write. She told me that I shouldnt be trying to write what people want to read, but rather I should write from the heart and people will want to read it. She was right and I have tried doing just that every since. Were it not for Smoke's encouragment I doubt that I would have ever put my many feelings and thoughts on paper. Thank you Smoke. I personally think that poetry should rhyme, and the words should flow in a natural rhythm. I try to write simple poetry that anyone can read and understand. I welcome you to read my work and enjoy.



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