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Things I Have Learned

If you really love someone, you just don't know why you love them

Guilty is an everlasting punishment for the liar

The best victory is something that is shared

Lies maybe can make us feel safe for a while but it make us feel guilty forever~Nur Amira (My friend)

There are times in life when we cannot hope for something too much

Life is terrible when we think it's terrible but life can be great when we think it's great

Music express everything MORE...

The world seems complete when you love someone and that someone loves you too

Love is not depending on looks because love is blind

If you want to be BEAUTIFUL, be YOURSELF

Don't hate someone too much for silly reason because we never know that someone might be the one you will fall in love with in the future...

We never know how much we loved them until we lose them and it's also true that we never realized what we missed until it arrives

Someone who criticize love really needs to be loved

To love is to accept their good sides AND their faults

If there's a winner, there will always be the loser