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My Collection of English Poems

~A Poem For Mama~
~Thousands of Sorry~
~If only~
~I Love You~
~I Wish I Never Knew You~
~I Wish~
~A Real Friend~
~The Way You Are~
~You and I~
~Will You Please?~

~A Poem For Mama~

All through my life you've shown me
What life was all about
You let me rise when I was in doubt
You cleared my mind when confusion stood in the line
You nagged me over hair, clothes and food
Though turning a deaf ear I seemed to do
I knew so well they were for my own good
I begged thousands forgiveness
For all the things I screwed
For the wrongs I did not mean to do
I may not say this very often
But now I shall let it all be transparent
I want to forever thank you
Your presence I never rue
And every night I'll say a prayer
May life's blissful moments will be yours forever!

~If Only~

If only the wind
Could blow me a kiss for you

If only the sun ray
Could lead you the way

If only the melody
Could whistle a flowery love tune
For you from me

If only the fluffy cloud
Could turn your misery out
Bringing you to the world of happy thought

If only the dove
Could send you my gentle touch

Oh, if only the nature
Could understand the feeling within me...

~I Love You~

I love you
It was such a magical feeling
That couldn't be seen
Nor imagined

Flying unicorns
Colourful butterflies Wandering around you
In an enchanted fantasy
As your whole body
Turned into jelly

Oh, I love you
It was hard to say
Hard to believe
But left you in a wonderful relief

I love you
It was magical

A simple word
That would make someone nuts about you

p/s:I wrote this poem based on my exprience:)

~I Wish I Never Knew You~

I wish I never met you
Please I'm begging you please
Don't near to me
Don't say a word to me
Don't get down on your knee
Not in front of me
Don't lay those eyes on me
I'm really tired of it
If you still care for me
Please go through the door
That will always open wide for you

I wish I never knew you
I wish you are not here with me
For all the things you do
You left me in confused
I want this to be discontinue
Just get out of my mind
Get out of my mind
Get out of my life
I wish I never ever knew you...

p/s:I wrote this when I felt cheated and down because of someone...:(

~I Wish~

The moon was shining
So bright
It was so absorbing
That kept me thinking
Am I annoying?
Do I have a big ego?
For what I have done years ago

Maybe I am
Snobbish, annoying and talk freely
Without thinking about anybody
That was me

I wish
I could meet someone
Someone to show
What was written in my heart

I wish
I could meet the human
Who made me feel guilty with emotion
My lips would say sorry
Thousand, million times I could
'Till he finally forgive me
Deep from the bottom of his own heart

I wish
This feeling would stop scratching my heart
Although it was hard
I prayed to God
That my wish would come true...

p/s:This poem is really meaningful to me. I wrote this poem when I was feeling down and guilty for what I have done to someone...

~A Real Friend~

When you are feeling down
A real friend will always be around
To make you feel happy
Not moody
But to be free

When you are a troublemaker
A real friend tries to make you feel better
When you are lonely
Sick of the same old dark memory
In need of company
A real friend will come to you in a hurry
She cares for you
She will help you through
She will guide you along the journey

As the sun shines elegantly
As the stars seem glittery
As the blue sky seems brighter
You realise her sincerity of being a true friend
To be always being there 'till the end
Forever and ever....

p/s:This poem really means a lot to me and this is my favourite quote on friendship:

*Boys can come and go but friendship is FOREVER*


I stared at my reflection
Eyes, nose, mouth, lips
Everything seemed normal
But instead all this
There was just something I missed
Something I felt guilty about
That made me wanted to shout
That made me cried in rue
It was someone
It was you...

~The Way You Are~

When I first saw you
I never knew you would be the one
I don't know what have you done
I don't know what has got into me
I'm not myself anymore
Ever since you walked into my dream

You seem to fill my eyes
With pure blindness
You seem to pour my saturnine life
With glitters of joy
You seem to touch my mind
With thousands of ideas
Making my pen danced on the papers
I realise now
You are the one I'm thinking of
My first love

All this time
I thought you are the same as my mind tells me
But I guess life will never be the same

Now all I want from you
Is to stay the way you really are
'Cause the way you are
Is somebody special to me....

~You and I~

I can only watch you from afar
Pretending you're not there
But deep inside I keep on wishing
Wishing an admiration I wish we could share
Even if it's just a stare
It would be enough for me

I know we're different in a way
Each night I can only pray
That the difference between us will fade away
And that one day
You would walk next to me
So that I could see your face
All clearly and smiley
Keeping a special feeling, not a pity....

~Will You Please?~

I heard it loud and clear
I wasn't so sure
Was it really you?
The one who gave me the friendly 'hello' to?

I remember the sweetest day too well
We locked eyes, nothing to tell
The 'hello' and the lovely brown eyes
I knew they weren't lies
They just ended too fast
But forever on my mind they left scars

I wanted to tell you this
Don't get mad, don't you blame
For this urge is too strong
Burying in me for too long

Each time you're feeling blue
Read this poem I wrote to you
It may meant nothing
Though I wish somethinig in you will ring
Unwrapping this piece into something

Though in every eye you are the star
Just stay the way you are
Is all I want you to do
May this brings you bliss, dear Ellis
Remember someone will always miss you,
Will you please?