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My Collection of English Poems

~Scared to Love~
~Need to Hear Your Voice~
~Thanks For Being There~
~Your Stare~
~A Dreamer~
~Same Old Ordinary Me
~Something Called Lie~
~The Flower~
~A Liar~
~Will You Please?~

~Too Scared to Love~

Sometimes we're too scared to love again
When we've being hurt and cheated before
But should we let the history
Haunting us like crazy
We're too scared to love again
Too scared that our love will be reject
But do we have to take the risky way
We're too scared to love again
We're worried if someone
We missed and loved very much
Come back into our life
And it will make us feel rue
That we have to choose between two
But do we have to agree that
First person comes first?

~Need To Hear Your Voice~

I need to hear your voice
I would go through the rain
Doesn't matter if my shirt gets stain
Doesn't matter if my body gets moist
I just need to hear your voice

Whenever I hear your voice
I'm melting
I always get this feeling
I need to hear it again and again
It will be no end
'Cause your voice was sent from heaven

All day through
I imagine you say my name too
It's the most beautiful thing
You know I am dying
I'm dying to taste your sweet voice...

~Thanks for Being There~

I feel so down
No one is around
There isn't even any sound
to make me bounce
Letting me drowning in the blue
I got deeper and deeper
I want to cry but no shoulder seems to offer
No one to calm my shiver
No one I can turn to
They only come and go
Leaving me in the blue
With promises they never do
There isn't any hope in me
But you were there through thick and thin
You lit it all up inside of me
Showing me the clear blue sky
With your hopeful eyes that never seem to die
Thank God I found you
Now I can jump with glee
Thanks for being there for me

~Your Stare~

You stepped into my life
With your hazel eyes on me
You gave me your stare
That I wish I didn't care
But inside of me
You left me in the sea of wonder
Was there any deep feeling rise
or was it just a pity?
I search through you kind eyes
Wishing I could read your thought
By gazing into the stare you shot
It was a killer
Making me weaker and weaker
Melting me into jelly
Impossible it might be
But could I have your stare forever?

~A Dreamer~

Here I am
Caught up in my own fantasy
Wishing I could toss them away
But they kept coming back and stay
Reality seemed too far for me to care
All they say, I just couldn't bear

There I was
Soaring freely across Europe
Spread my wings, fly around the globe
With the one and only by my side
A heartwarmer with kind eyes, I hope

Then there I was
The fingers dancing gracefully
Over the piano keys
No, not Alicia Keys
It was me
The best musician I would be

There I was again
Jumping here and there
Under the raining money I gained
Without any shame

Then I found his voice singing
Me drowning and weakening
Forever the singer I loved he would be
Meeting him, it could be

Then there was the smiley
Oh, friends forever he always said!
Miles apart we were in reality
Being for one another seemed to be the priority
We would meet, I just couldn't wait!

There was me again
Taller and wiser than ever
No more tears, no more fears
Facing the life's challenger
Just being the best writer
Unleashing the poetically me inside
to the worldwide

Here I am
Running from the reality
but it keeps coming nearer and nearer
Until I'm nothing, just a dreamer
I could only shiver
I have to step into the reality
No matter how hard it would be
No more a dreamer I would be....

~Same Old Ordinary Me~

Life has been dull
Not even a colour was seen
Only the greyish
Seems to cherish
the life full of sins
Anything I would like to be
Far within the reach
Far from the negativity
Far from the reality
Far from the same old ordinary me

I wish to be the sea
The bluer the better it would be
The wider the bigger they owe me
Being the paradise for the shoal

I wish I was the cloud
Fluffy cotton-white me
Floating here and there
As the wind blew
I would soar in the air
The higher I would go
The less I would care for down there

I wish the sky was me
Always up there, it would forever be
Showing the pretty blue
Gazing on the world, so well I knew
No bore, no sigh, no say
It kept frozen that way
Never seem to discontinue

Then I found myself again
Nothing gain, nothing change
It was just me
Back to the same old ordinary me

~Something Called Lie~

There is something hidden
beneath the loving words
They say forever
Soften the heart so tender
Washing away the flame of anger
Not letting they cry even a tear
By bribing that something
No one fears
that it always get near
No one knows
that it will always be known
Sooner or later
Will always be there
Keeping you far within the reach of the sky so high
What your say, what you did
No more they care
You deny, you sigh and you cry
Because of that something you feed
That something called lie

~The Flower~

There's the droop flower
No hope to blossom
Like another
It turned away into sulk
From the grey sky so gloom
Where's the sun?
Pity dried petals fell
One by one
Like tears, streaming like hell
Forever no sunhine, it fears
No worry, my dear
Endless patience, that's all it takes
Never give up, for God's sake!
A poor, dry flower so hopeless
Now a fresh, pretty thing I hold so dearest
It gazed upon the shining sun
With a winning, satisfy smile
The waiting was all worthwhile....

~A Liar~

I hate you
I don't care about you
You are worthless
Give me sadness
Fill me blue
Each time I think of you

You know I'm full of sins
Everytime I told those things
Those things I didn't mean
Those things that make me a liar
And you're a heartbreaker
I can't promise this poem will be the last
I just can't rub you off my mind that fast....

~Will You Please?~

I heard it loud and clear
I wasn't so sure
Was it really you?
The one who gave me the friendly 'hello' to?
I remembered the happiest day too well
We locked eyes, nothing to tell
The 'hello' and the lovely brown eyes
I knew they weren't lies
They just ended too fast
But forever on my mind they left scars
I wanted to tell you this
Don't get mad, feel the peace
Each time you're feeling blue
Read this poem I wrote to you
May it brings you bliss, dear Ellis
Remember someone will always miss you, will you please?

p/s:Dedicated to someone who's special to me....