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~Poems that I hosted~


~One Step Closer Back to My Heart~ by: Adeline Chak
~Thank You~ by: Jessie Michiru
~The Distance~ by: Azmah Arzmi
~Maybe~ by:Adeline Chak
~Stranger~ by:Amirah Alias
~The Shadow~ by: Davina Hendroff
~Untitled~ by: Amira Zin

~One Step Closer Back to My Heart~

Farer and farer away you seem to me
Until you're no more than a memory
Visions of glory and happy days come filtering through
Everytime I think of you
But the many tears shed and unfulfilled dreams
Won't let go its hold on me though,it seems
The beating of the drum in my heart is so very gone
No more the Crown of Love that I had once donned
But sometimes I dream of you and wake up with a start
And you come one step closer back to my heart

By:Adeline Chak

~Thank You~

Wasn't it just yesterday?

Wasn't it just yesterday
when everything seemed alright?
Wasn't it just yesterday
that the tour took flight?

Wasn't it just yesterday
when I saw you on stage?
Wasn't it just yesterday
that I thought life wouldn't turn a dark page?

But wasn't it just yesterday
when you got on TRL?
Wasn't it just yesterday
that life turned into hell?

Wasn't it just yesterday
that I saw Kevin cry?
Wasn't it just yesterday
when Backstreet Boys told no lie?

Wasn't it just yesterday
that AJ left for a good cause?
Wasn't it just yesterday
that there was no happy applause?

Wasn't it just yesterday
that Nick into tears?
Wasn't it just yesterday
when I felt that no hope nears?

Wasn't it just yesterday
when Howie told that tale?
Wasn't it just yesterday
when Brian's heart seemed to fail?

Wasn't it just yesterday
that AJ sang that song?
Wasn't it just yesterday
that everything went wrong?

It was yesterday
that made me cry and cry...
It was yesterday
that made me want to die...

Yes, it was just yesterday
I heard that horrid story
But wasn't it just yesterday
that I should've rejoiced in glory?

Wasn't it just yesterday
He admitted he needed help?
And wasn't it just yesterday
that he was smart and got that help?

Ah yes, it was just yesterday
I will forget it never
'Cause AJ will come back healthy and strong
Always and forever


By:Jessie Michiru

~The Distance~

As I watch you from afar
I wonder
Do you ever think of me?
Do you hate me now?

I know what I did was wrong
I hope someday you will understand
Why I left you in solitude
Why I turned my back on you

You are close to me
But yet you are so far away
There is so much distance
Between the two of us

You are my light
You are the reason I'm living
If I could have one wish
It would be to have you here with me

I still believe that
We can be together again
Because the distance between us
Is too much for me to bear

I would go the distance
I would go very far
I would do anything
Just to have you next to me

By: Azmah Arzmi


Sometimes I wish I never met you, all you do is lie
I wish you were just nothing to me so you cannot make me cry
But life without you is a flowerless garden,like picture without colour
If it weren't for you to paint it blue and make the days seem clearer
My heart is being torn to shreds and yet I feel so whole
I know I'm being foolish but I cannot let this go
And it's not like you know what you're doing to me,what makes me think you care
What do you know about my secret dreams and the things I never share
But when I look ahead I see,a vast bright open sea On its waves the whispers of hope still blow,the beautiful word: maybe

By: Adeline Chak


My mind says break free
My body won't budge
I'm so confused
So many years
So many pain in my bloody veins
My heart says to break down the wall
But the wall has saved me countless times
My soul says take charge
I've tried
And I've been fried
I had a plan
That plan has now faded
My road ahead is grey
As I try to understand what is going on
Will you catch me, stranger?
Will you save me?
Trust is no more
But I need a saviour
And I know that saviour is you,

By: Amirah Alias

~The Shadow~

As I crawled towards the dark corner of the room
Running away from the daylight I was
Hissing and cursing the daylight
A curse I can't overcome
A dark spell from one day till never
A curse so evil, evil till I barely withstand
I am forced to get power
As I strike the mere flesh and blood of pure life
For I, just like the others of my kind
Finding for a lost answer, a lost link, a lost, lost happiness,
And a lost soul of my past
Surviving as I live on this threated life
In disgrace I was... as I struggle... struggle to live
Hating, hating all pure thing in life
Celebrations, parties, balls
For I... I a mere monster
Ugly... hideous and impudent for no soul have I...
No soul to love someone
No soul to have my heartbeat sing to me
No soul... but a clammy cold self to hold to
Yes... just me... just me and no one else more... nobody
But only the dead star and moon
Gazing down on the creatures I despite the most...
My source of energy... my eternal life giver... the human that I once was
As I was named by them the demon of night
The feared king of darkness... the evil shadow
When I don't really mean to hurt
And yet my clan... my friend... my past...
But I am mo more there
In darkness I leave... leave my family... my friend... my past
Walking... without my shadow... as I am the shadow
Walking away from my sadness... as the wind fluttered my cape
Walking as nobody shall ever know me and live on
Walking in the other world... my world... my precence
And... ever lived future... forever in darkness... forever in pain

By: Dark Hearts (Davina Hendroff)


looking myself in mirror today,
make myself feel new today
make u happy in every way
but im still invisible to u anyway...

look at me,what do u think of me?
someone u think so draggy?
or might be so crappy?
whater it aint gonna change me..

today i decided one thing
seeing u is just a wasting..
realising i can be something
more important than anything

By: Amira Zin

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