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.:My Graphics:.

This page contains the graphics that I made myself when I was feeling bored. If you want to use some of the graphics for your own website, PLEASE link my site to yours although I don't think anyone would want to use these silly graphics of mine... hehe... anyway,please wait while they are loading and... ENJOY! :)

A Bouquet For The Best Singer

My all-time favourite song, the 'Purest Of Pain'

I just LOVE rose....

Sometimes we're too scared to love

The Magic of Words....

Don't comment. I'm bored

good quote, huh?

EVERYONE's beautiful in God's eye

Black and Blue Alwayz My name...hehe

This is what happened when I'm bored to death! again!hehe....

Dedicated to all my wonderful friends out there!:)

I'm IN love...haha