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By Mariana Hernández Garay - 467116


Everybody has sometime eaten a chocolate. What do you feel when you eat it? Do you feel pleasure? Does it taste good?
Chocolate is one of the most ancient candies that has existed. It was discovered in 1492 by Columbus. It was used like medicine and also it was considered food of gods. Ancient civilizations drank it hot because they didn’t know another way chocolate could be eaten.

Nowadays we can eat chocolate in bars, in cakes, in ice-creams and any way we want to. Chocolate is one of the most popular candies in the world, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Eating chocolate has being compared with the feeling of being in love. Many scientists say that when you are in love you spread some kind of hormones that are also spread when you eat chocolate. It is also said that the sensation of eating a chocolate is the same when you have sex, that it is a perfect aphrodisiac.
In the moment you eat a chocolate you feel pleasure, the moment you taste it, makes you feel great, and did you know that when you are depressed and you eat a chocolate you will feel better?

I think chocolate is one of the most delicious candies that exists, no matter how you eat it or when you it eat, you always feel the same way, great!!!!!

We can also say that the sensation of eating a chocolate makes you feel like if you were in a pleasure situation, why? Because of the substances chocolate has.
Chocolate is also recommended to persons that have heart illnesses, because doctors say the substances chocolate contains will be useful for the treatment.

For me, chocolate is great, is a fascinating candy that has a lot of benefits.

Finally I absolutely recommend you to eat every day a little piece of this delicious candy. And I recommend you to follow these steps when you eat a chocolate:

  1. Open the chocolate
    Put the little piece into you mouth
    Taste it
    This step depends on you, but just enjoy eating a chocolate, you will not regret it!!!!!