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My poetry an' shit
Wednesday, 17 November 2004
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: Dirty little secret-Echovalve
Shes down there all alone with no place to go
does she have any friends?
how can she tell anymore?

Shes been digging her grave for the last three years
she cant do anything but sit and wait for the nearing end

her body doesnt function right anymore and
she cant think straight.
21 with the attention span of being 5
she realizes now that "dope" was only baiting her
into a neverending black tunnel,
one with no escape.

shes not, it's not cool anymore
shes just a messed up rotten person inside and out

shes lost her job, her family, and most of all her love
now it seems the only thing shes got is her knife

with a slit of her wrist, tonight she'll end her life.

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 5:11 AM WAT
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Not getting what you expect
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: Imagine-APC
I am an average girl
not striking in my beauty or intellect
i am expected to go far
i am expected to be extremely talented
i am not expected to die
i cant take it
i need a way out
ill find an end soon.

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 5:10 AM WAT
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Speaks for others
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: Bother-Stone Sour
Speaks for others

You dont understand
you dont care
you dont even know what its like

your supposed to stand for peace
but have none
you want life
but pack plastic tubing

self righteous
your not god
taker of life, idol of none
you dont see your own hipocrisy.

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 5:09 AM WAT
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Girls are players too
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: Down posion- three doors down
Girls are players too

Searching for another guy to hurt
to lead on, a big flirt.

she chooses him, just like in his dreams but,
slow down beware it isnt waht it seems

as she leads him on more and more,
she knows its only her he adores

she watches him fall head over heals
she knows its no big deal.

she wispers "i cant give you all i've promised"
he falls apart; his heart begins to bleed

a smirk slowly begins to appear on her face
a laugh that will soon replace.

look here comes another, what a shame...

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 5:08 AM WAT
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Mood:  sad
Now Playing: When im gone-Three doors down
when you were little you were there
may have even had your own chair.
You always knew he cared

Everything he had he always gave or shared
where is he now that you've gone back?
the house you once knew now looks so empty

the grandfather that was once there is no longer.

you dont understand
suddenly you feel a big fear

why did god take him, isnt that a sin?

your wonderin' why life has to be such a dirty game
the place you once knew now seems very strange
the place you loved now is such a change
you'd give anything to see him one last time
is it such a crime?!

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 5:06 AM WAT
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Nowhere to be found
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Barcelona-Jewel
You're nowhere to be found, but not forgotten
i wont let the memories of you slip away
you discarded me so long ago
but you are still alive within me to this day

i never had much of you, but lots of your time
but as a friend i loved you anyway.

our brief encounter
our conversations where you wispered you loved me,
how frightened we were,
live on in my memories
how i wish you were to be found tonight.

if i had known the last time we talked
would be the last time,
and you were slipping away into my past
i would have never let you go.

it was over in a heartbeat,
as fast as it started
ill always wonder why.

You are nowhere to be found, but will not be forgotten.

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 5:05 AM WAT
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Mood:  crushed out
Now Playing: She only smokes when she drinks- Joe Nicols
Footsteps echoing in my mind
setting of the morning sun
singing of the wind
drifting into its nightly rest

staring out the window
the haunting silence
with nowhere to go
echoing my hearts sorrow

i walk along the ponds green grassy edge
listening to the crickets chirps
whishing for someone to love and to hold me at night.

the sound of jumping fishes
the grass between my toes
when will i share this?
will i ever find my true love?

i am waiting for that special someone
wondering if i dont find him
will i always be...alone?

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 5:03 AM WAT
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My Frog Bank
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Miss you love-silver chair
My frog bank was green
it boldly sat in the corner of my room
the soldier of innocence
a prized possession

Tonight filled with rage
murder and destruction
reflected in his eyes
gripping my frog bank my his legs
legs that reeked of deathly intentions
he was beheaded.

my frog bank did not bleed
only a porcelain rain fell upon my floor
i was cut inside...

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 5:01 AM WAT
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I Miss You
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: Broken-Seether Feat. Amy Lee
We chat slowly about nothing in particlar,
Movies and such,
Just stick to surface streets
no real substance.

We used to unwrap eachother
then get wraped up in each other.

Now we are cool,
recount our daily bores,
as if the sum of them equal something more substantial

The softer things are still there, but shriveling
the roots are slowly dying as the're going unfed,
Strangled by a screen and all that is not said.

Posted by poetry/chickenlittlebit at 4:53 AM WAT
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