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Poetry by Broken Girl
Saturday, July 9, 2005
Dungeon Part 2 continued
Andrea pulled her up out of the water and lifted her from the tub. The towel that was wrapped around her ended up being three times her size. Andrea gently dried her off, making sure to be gentle around her wounds. And soon carted her off out of the bathroom.
They were in a large house. Well decorated and no hint of warmth. It all seemed like a movie set, after the actors are gone, and after the cameras shut off. Cold and uninhabited. Andrea cradled her as they turned down a hallway. behind a door, she heard muffled screams. Muffled laughter following those screams. And the closer they got to that door, the more she clung to Andrea, fearing what would happen.
Andrea opened the door and walked in. The screams were three times as loud. There were women in multiple torture contraptions. Some being whipped with thin chains. Some having needles shoved into thier breasts. Some just being raped over and over by several men in several orfices. She closed her eyes, trying not to see it.
As Andrea carried her into the back of this hell, she heard a woman's voice whispering over and over again.
"Thank You, Thank You, Sir..."
She looked to see a brutalized woman being lead off, looking at her Father and thanking Him for the beating He'd just given her. She just wanted to die.
"She doesn't look relaxed, Andrea."
"Would You be if You were only eight years old and thrown into a place like this? She's relaxed with Me. Let Me put her into the stocks. I'll get her calmed down."
He regarded Her for a moment and nodded.
"Fine. I'm going to go help with the girls in the other rooms. I want her relaxed when I get back. If not, You'll be in the stocks, understood?"
She nodded and they both watched Him go.

Okay... enough for now....gotta go do other stuff.

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 9:24 PM PDT
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Friday, July 8, 2005
Dungeon Part 2
She heard the water running and could see the bright light of the bathroom from behind the blindfold.She felt Andrea's hands lifting up her thin nightgown, up and over her head. The blindfold soon fell to the floor.
"Get in the water, just be careful."
She got in, only to shrink herself to one side, knees to her chest and her eyes just barely looking up to see this Woman. Andrea was beautiful. Flawless skin, blonde hair perfectly styled, and eyes so green, one would swear they weren't real. she looked away, not able to bear it any longer.
"Why are You doing this to me?"
Andrea remained quiet for a moment as she ran a sponge over her body. Weighing her words.
"I do this because He does this. I do this because once, I was in this bathtub asking the same question. And where I didn't have Anyone to give Me comfort, I'm here to show compassion. That's why your Father wants you with Me. I know compassion where He does not. And in Him doing that, whether He knows it or not, He's showing it."
She only nodded as she listened to Andrea talk. She was nearly numb, too scared to even feel anything. She only felt Andrea's touch as She ran the sponge over the wounds that graced her thighs. she jumped slightly, then remained quiet until the door opened and her Father walked in.
"Get her toweled off. I want her in the stocks ASAP."
He stalked off, seeming angry. She slipped under the water, not wanting to be her at the moment....

This one is short because time doesn't permit more... will finish it later.

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 8:23 PM PDT
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This short is part one of Dungeon..... read with an open mind, k? Sorry if it offends anyone.
She felt herself being walked into a room. It was small. She could feel it all closing in around her as they shut the door. She shivered. Her nightgown was thin and they had an air conditioner running. She could hear heavy breathing and feel the heat of someone near her, but she remained still.
"You are not permitted to touch her, yet. Remember, she is special. Not like the others. When He's done, You can have her." The Woman's voice was cold.
The response was angry, shaking. "Yes, Andrea.. But, she's so delicate... so... well trained. I wouldn't have to touch. Just test her." She stiffened slightly, not knowing what would happen.
"Go too far, John, and He will have Your balls. Remember that." She heard the Woman moving, over to a chair and sitting. The creaking of her leather outfit gave her away. She was trying to focus on anything other than the anticipation of what could happen.
The Man touched her face and she jumped, startled.
"Position, child."
She immediately sank to her knees, spreading them. She sat on her heels and laced her hands together behind her back. Her head lowered and she made sure that her eyes looked down, even though they were covered by silk. Exactly as she was taught. By her own father no less.
"She's very obeidiant, Andrea. He trained her well." The Man ran his hand through her hair, like she was a prized puppy. She heard the Woman chuckle softly.
"Don't play too much, John. He's making room for her in the dungeon. He wants her broken. He won't let You help if You touch her. Remember that."
She heard him scoff, but nothing else was said. She felt a thick leather strap move across her skin before she felt a rush of air as the door opened. Heavy footfalls crossed the floor and she felt someone kneel beside her.
"Did anyone touch you, honey? Just tell Daddy if They did."
She could only whisper. Her voice was sore from screaming and crying earlier. "The Man touched my face and my hair, Sir. The Woman kept Her distance. She also warned Him, but He didn't listen."
"You little bitch!" She felt the floor shake as the Man moved towards her. She felt her Father rise and with the hard sound of a fist hitting flesh, it stopped.
"I warned Him, Sir. But He never did listen, did He?" The Woman's voice practically purred out.
"It doesn't matter now. I have a place for her. I want You to prepare her. I want her clean, understood? I want her relaxed and clean. Do as You will, Andrea."
She felt His hands running through her hair, tucking loose strands behind her ear.
"You will be good for Andrea, understood, honey? And if She tells me that you were good as I know you will be, I won't hurt you as bad, alright?"
She nodded, scared. Tears starting to flow from behind the blindfold as He walked out of the door. She was shaking worse than before. She heard the creaking of the Woman's leather outfit as she rose up.
She rose up from her knees, head still lowered. She felt arms around her and she jumped, a soft cry of fear echoing out.
"Shhh..." Andrea had taken her into Her arms, trying to comfort her. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. But I am going to draw you a bath. I will get you clean. You have blood all over you. But I know you will be good, so I won't make this any harder for you than I have to. Agreed?"
She nodded.
"Speak. You have a tongue. I heard you use it."
"Sorry, Mistress."
"Good. Now... about that bath."

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:36 AM PDT
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Friday, July 1, 2005
Unfinished Short
Pain. The scent of burnt hair and flesh and the distinct coppery tang of blood in the air. He was shaking as he slammed her thighs apart, tearing his nails down her sweat-slicked folds. She strained against the ties that bound her wrists, her neck, her chest and her waist. Her screams crescendoing under the gag. His fingers slipped past the boundary of what would be pleasure. Louder her cries rang out as he pushed his fist into her hole. Tears sprang up from the stitches that held her eyes shut, as nails dug into the soft flesh of her insides. His grip tightened within her and he could feel himself edging towards his orgasm. Tighter and tigher, he grabbed and pulled at her insides. Sweat beaded and slid along his naked flesh.... He wreched his arm, suddenly and jerkingly pulling out of her. Her screams surpassing the gag, and his moans going louder still, as he rubbed her torn uterus against his erection. Her blood mixed with the thick, sticky semen pouring from his cock. In finality, he shuddered and dropped back to the chair behind him, the now useless flesh falling to the floor with a sickening plop. He closed his eyes, listening to her still screaming.... still screaming? Her body had stopped moving, but she wouldn't shut up. He started to panic. He picked up the branding iron and hit her over the head. Over and over again, crushing her skull in, deforming the side of her head. He was sure that he killed her, twice, but she still kept scre-
He woke up. His own screams shaking him from slumber. He was in his own bed. From the read-out on his clock, it was four in the afternoon. Last he remembered, he went to bed at a stollid ten-thirty at night. Seventeen hours? He'd never slept that long in his life! He pulled the sheets off to get out of bed. He stopped. His blood ran cold as icy sweat beaded along his spine. He had went to bed in his pajamas. Now those were gone. Now, he was naked. And worse yet, his abdoment, his thighs, his hands and his chest were all covered in dried blood and cum...

OKAY! if y'all want me to finish this one, let me know!


Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 4:12 PM PDT
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
The collision of your kiss...
I walked past where you used to live, I felt the memories sweep past me,
I stopped for a minute, recalling, i touched my lips in absence,
It's hard to remember the first kiss, or the subsequent ones after that,
But I remember a night in the rain.

I walked round the back, to simply wait by the stairs, I expected you to walk down...

I left quickly. But I found my footfalls headed towards a night in the rain.
As I walked, from the physical and straight into memory, all changed,
Day turned to night, the sky clouded over, and somewhere, so faint, I heard thunder...

I almost felt your kiss.

So wanting, so hungry, and so deeply involved, you never saw the world that night.
I remember the brief bubble of hilarity that caught in my throat...

It died when I realized that just maybe... You loved me.

Everything at that moment died.

Matt's Martyr Died on her Cross...
Lucas' Angel fell to earth...
she fell to earth... she fell... so far...

Now, i walk back into the daylight... brushing the tears from my face. Turning up my Diskman, max volume, drowning out the thoughts, but the lyrics echo out my hurt...

"I miss you, I miss you so Far and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard...."

Fuck it... Walking faster, i try not to think of different paths i could have walked.. I try not to think of what could have been, I try to focus on bettering right now, on making now right......

I still feel that collision...

Why did you kill my emptiness? Why did you end my pain? Why did you end who i was?

And why did I let it?

I walk on.

Lyrics courtesy of My Chemical Romance's Cemetery Drive

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 9:31 PM PDT
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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Life, Optional
So I thought it was beginning, this happy life of love,
But like the dead, love can be cold, Ice, what it's made up of...
I asked your god, Forgiveness, surely something I have done,
I recieved emptiness, like bricks, to hit me, ton for ton...
I fell right out of rhythm, my every rhyme an empty mess,
I kept naught time or pattern, Only hope to pale confess...
And there you stood undaunted, like an angel, holy, all,
And in your reverent Glory, i was naught but child, small...
I wanted to scream your faults, to end your hallowed face,
But all I did was shudder back and stay within my place...
There was no hope to guide me, no one to see me through,
There was no light to lead my way, all there was, was you...
And now i'm trapped within this cell, no escape from truth or hurt,
I am just here to fulfill your need, to thrash and treat like dirt...
So why do i wait for another round of Death's Crucified Adoption?
To simply know that there is no more of Life to be an option...

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 6:04 AM PDT
Updated: Saturday, April 23, 2005 6:07 AM PDT
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Sunday, April 17, 2005
Something dark within me stirs, not my blood, not his, not hers,
And yet under, inside, buried deep, Beyond where other spirits sleep,
She's there alone, scared and cold, a simple girl yet ages old,
Crying, loudly, begging still, fighting e'en my strongest will,
Asking me, end it all, embrace again and feel 'Enthrall'
Death becomes me, call my name, Love will never feel the same,
Kill me slowly, let me scream, fill my senses, end my dream,
They ride the flesh, let it die, let the blood fall from my eyes,
Kill the flesh, passion, sin, Life will end and Death, begin,
Spill my blood, salt and sweet, pooling slowly at my feet,
Flesh will fall and soul will rise, Pain and slow, the body dies,
Then all is quiet, Perfect still, given in to broken will,
The world still turns, buried deep, within the earth, the child sleeps...

I just entered this one into one of those poetry thingies... ~shrugs~ might be cool.

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:41 AM PDT
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Single twisted hair in hand,
Pulled real hard by hand of man,
Deep throat kiss, ahh, tongues entwine,
Glitter glass and taste of wine,
One hot touch at nuclear core,
Deeper and deeper I scream for more...
I want it hard, I want it fast,
I want it long, it has to last,
My hands touch yours- Passion's Fire,
I taste your manhood- Sweet Desire,
A whisper soft, within my ear,
Of all sweet things I need to hear...
Silver spoons and pale starlight,
An echo, a scream, in dead of night,
Not of pain, but Lover's touch,
I breathe in Sex and oh, so much
depends on you, your body and soul,
Your body on mine then takes it's toll...
Pound for pound, the meter's paid,
I hear your voice beg to be laid,
Suddenly, passion rips and roars,
Shattering windows and opening doors,
Your seed spills openly, deep within,
Fatigue let's out and soaks your skin...
With Magick being as it seems-
I give up, safe, into my dreams...

One of my old one's i dug up... i think i was 17 or something...

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:38 AM PDT
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Despair and Agony-
A broken bed and an electric Contraption
Zapping my ability.
I almost forgot the paper.
My hair stands Frizzy without the curls...
"Ahh, sis, that's girls stuff."
Timmy, Lassie's dead behind the door-
Oozing Fetal splatter...
(screams, but no tears)
19 years of murder, asylum crunchie,
Doctor finds him stable.
The girl haunts the captor
Bloody drool mixed with Strychnine,
Silly superstition-
Walked backwards four steps to see the killer's hand...
(I was never really there)

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:37 AM PDT
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Going through some of my old works, I came across my Very First Poem. May I present...


Was Planted a rose,
Beside it, your name,
With Love it shall Bloom, Again, and Again.
You didn't love me, so dead was the flower.
Shows you how strong, Love is a Power.

Not bad for my first one ever...

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:36 AM PDT
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Deadly is a man in chains...
With naught to lose and naught to gain.
Deadly is the whelp all torn...
Bruised and bleeding, used and worn.

Deadly is the heart, alone...
Stabbed, salted, and un-atoned.
Deadly is the hand that creeps...
Across cold flesh as it sleeps.

Deadly is the staff that pounds...
Chiding those within it's rounds.
Deadly is the tongue that's sharp...
Quick to kill with a single harp.

Deadly are the words I say...
Better to kill the heart this day...
Deadly are the words I write...
More bitter than the viper's bite.

Deadly is the look you give...
That burns and takes the will to live
Deadly is the kiss you fake...
And Deadly is the soul you take...

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:35 AM PDT
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~*~Natural Love~*~
Annihilation, Death's Vast Heart,
Words, unconcious, souls, apart...
Bound with Needle, Bright with fire,
Sealed with wax and sewn with wire...
Buried deep in Mother's Earth,
Burnt with Salt and hid from birth...
Lost Fore'er, my love for you,
I traded Lust for something true...
I placed my heart within his hands,
Bound by blood, he understands...
He holds me close, in Mother's skies,
He drinks in, deep, my bluest eyes...
He wraps me up within his love,
And helps me push against the shove...
Long and lasting, E'er and on,
Our love remains e'en though we're gone...
Our bodies, dust, our souls, the rain,
Our breath, the air, and no more pain...
We are just one, no more rue or choice,
We are one spirit, we are one voice...
And now we watch, reach out our hands,
To our Ever Children, they understand...
That what they take, they must then give,
Not to be fair, but just to live...
And that love binds the earth they share,
And that we're to ease the pain they bear...
And when, from this world, we're bound to part,
We're always with them, in their heart...

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:34 AM PDT
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~Talk, Dammit!~
Tonight, i asked you to let me in,
You simply answered no,
I tried to save you from my sin,
You told me quick to go.

I want to know you inside out,
To feel your every thought,
To find what you are all about,
To see what game you've taught.

But all you do is push away,
The only one who cares,
But see, i'm the only one who'll stay,
And take the worlds harsh stares.

Simply because i love you,
Simply because i feel,
If you can't take how i do,
You'll simply have to deal...

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:34 AM PDT
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This can't be real, it's not my world,
it's just to much for just one girl,
Not understanding, but to question why,
Ending it all with a blink of the eye...

Make it go away, stop the noise, please,
Pain like this, I'm on my knees,
Don't make it end like this, not now,
I'm trying to save you, but unsure of how...

I feel you inside, but i'm not sure it's you,
Confused and scared, what the hell do i do?
I want you but hate you, need you and pray,
Making up my mind and figuring out what to say...

Are you there? Can you hear me?
Are you sure that you're strong?
If you need help, how will i see,
And if you're hurt, i pray that i'm wrong...

It's now against the world, the clock,
And everything that's in between,
We're not prepared for all the shock,
But it's something we've already seen...

So here it goes, for you, we're off to learn,
If you're here, or emptiness, again,
So is it just a pain to burn?
Or a beautiful life to begin?

Written by Cheryl Chambers AKA Broken Girl at 12:33 AM PDT
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