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My Poetry

                     30 Years Ago Today             M60 Machine Gun

                     Airport Mission                    Might Be A Father       

                     Anxious Moments               Monsoon Season

                     Attempted Rape                   My Last Tour Of Duty

                     Beach Run                            My Kids in DC

                     Bill                                                     One Of The Longest Nights

                     Brothers Forever                 Orphanage

                     Chopper                                         Posting Truck

                     Crazy Otto                             Promise

                     Crazy Otto (part 2)              Rats

                     Enemy Pointman                Short

                     First Fire Fight                          Short (part 2)

                     First Guard Mount             Skull

                     Freedom Is Not Free          So This Is Victor Tango Area

                     Going Home                         Teenage Soldier

                     Goodbye To My Friend     Teenage Soldier (part 2)

                     Guardians Of The Wall    Texas And Nam

                     Incoming                             The Wall                          

                     Jeep Dogs                            Vigilance

                     K9 Hill