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  Poems From Texas Girl Unlike
Something You Would Except.

By :Catie


I'm just your average Texas teen that has had her up and downs. These poems that you will read on my website come from the deepest part of my soul. They where my way of dealing with life's problems. From the broken heart to the anger I had towards my father. But I don't want you to think that there just about my life. I want you to hopefully walk away from here and find a poem that may help whom ever you think it may, with life's problems that may come your why or whom ever. In conclusion I hope that to whom ever reads these enjoys my poems and website as much as I do. 

                                                        Catie Scofield



If you have any comments to my poems please E-mail me at include your name and the title of the poems or poem that you found interesting or one that spoke to you.


        The One

        What Is To Really Happen To US

        Why Did I

        I've Gotten Smarter

        Dear Dad

        After Life

        Would You

        Just Stop!

        My Troubled Soul

        Where Did The Man I love Go

        Another Letter To My Father

        Just Leave


        War In my Head


        Not My Job

        Wasting Your Life



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