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Caroline's Poetry Corner
A collection of poems by me, on a wide range of random subjects!


Loved up
Points of view
Kid's stuff
Sometimes sad
Be happy
Picture perfect
Deep thoughts
Fridge magnet poetry
The ramblings
Short Poems





Welcome to Caroline's Poetry Corner...

...where you will find a collection of my poems. But before you read them, you might want to know a little about me.

I'm Caroline (redundant much?), I'm an twenty year old student (gah, getting old!) from England, studying Chemistry. I like reading, acting, writing poetry (bet you would have never guessed that!) and being as unconventional a scientist as I can manage!

More about my poetry now... I started writing the poems I have hosted here when I was about fifteen. I have written poems before that, but I have yet to find them... if I do manage to dig them out on a visit home, I might add them (provided they aren't *too* embarrassing!)

I have split the poems on this page into sections, based on the main theme of the poem. Some sections (like Loved up...what, I'm a teenage female!) will be larger than others. You might think a certain poem would fit into another section better... if that is the case, please leave  a comment, but remember, the initial inspiration will affect the category!

Which sort of leads neatly into the guestbook. One of the reasons I have made this page is to get feedback, so if you could spare a minute or two to post a comment, it will be greatly appreciated.

A little disclaimer… Some of these poems *are* based on real life. I am not going to put a note after each one however because; 1) I have written a LOT of poems, 2) It would be embarrassing in some cases and 3) you would get bored of it. If I feel a certain poem needs an explanation, I will put it there.

I've now added a prose section - this is just a collection of short bits of fiction I've written in the last couple of years, some of which are better than others... if you could spare the time to read these and comment I'd be a very happy Caroline!

And finally (I'll be quiet in a minute, promise) a link to the page of a friend of mine - he's a brilliant writer, he edits for me and helps keep my stories up to scratch, he puts up with me being the worst giver of comments EVER, AND he has a link to my page... Go look at Peter's writing, you'll be impressed!

Link to TellTale Stories

A dedication - Inspiration is something money cannot buy. It can be found, it can be given, and it is always worth more than you realise. These pages and the poems within are dedicated to the people who inspire me. My family, my friends and all of the people who have made my life that little bit better, perhaps without realising it. Thank you.

And remember; "Work less, play more, dream always."


I'll stop babbling now. I hope you enjoy!



|  All poetry Copyright© Caroline Childs 2004