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Cardamon Cardigan Welsh Corgis


Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Cardamon is a fairly recent smaller hobby and show kennel of quality Cardigan Welsh Corgis dogs located in the greater Atlanta (Georgia) area.

At Cardamon, we strive for the ideal blend of stable temperament and true to breed standard conformation, sound in mind and body; able to work, play, show and love their owners and their families.

Starting off we searched far and wide to secure breeding stock which met these standards. We were lucky that Coedwig Cardigan Welsh Corgis allowed us to own one of their show quality puppies, then simply called 'Phantom' but now

AKC Champion Coedwig's Phantom Of The Opera

- affectionately known to his friends still as The Phantom.

We then purchased a lovely female from Finland, simply called 'Sinni' - also known as

AKC Champion Franciscan

From our very first litter born in 2004, we placed one promising male as show prospect. This boy fulfilled his promise and is

AKC Champion Cardamon Sir Galahad

We kept one of the girl puppies for ourselves, Morgan,
Cardamon Morgan Le Fay

who is following in her parents' and her brother's footsteps being well on her way to becoming another Cardamon Champion.

Morgan is currently on leave for 'maternal duties' but will return to the show world in February of 2007.

At Cardamon we breed only seldom and then usually to have a new puppy or two to show for ourselves. Those puppies, which we decide to place as pets in loving homes, are placed with a strict spay/neuter contract.

Occasionally we may let go of a show prospect to a show home.

Our puppies are family-raised on seven wooded acres and have the run of very spacious living areas both inside our home and outside. Extensive interspecies socialization is ongoing, as our Corgis peacefully co-exist with our many other animals, including other dogs, cats, parrots, and several rabbits!

A take with you anywhere breed, our Cardigans frequently accompany us on family vacations, as well as on regular hiking tours in the nearby North Georgia Mountains.

We genetically screen each of our breeding dogs, and offer a detailed health guarantee. Our breeding stock is DNA clear for PRA Non-Carriers.

If you are seriously considering adding one of these special puppies
to your family, please contact us for more information and/or perhaps to schedule a visit with us.

To get more information or if you have questions, please email us at

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Our Morgan puppies at 2 weeks old (click here)
Morgan's puppies at 5 weeks old (click here)